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Life With Baby Doll: The ManLove Version

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I continue to slowly return to my normal activities.  It has been almost eight weeks since my surgery.  I’m good, except for the tiredness, that likes to manifest itself to varying degrees in my body.  Of course, my alpha male personality fights that.  John keeps me grounded and reminds me to listen to my body.
In addition to the afternoon naps  that we have been taking, John and I have watched extra movies during my recovery period.  While Baby Doll and I are perpetual film buffs, spending time in front of the TV has given me a change to do something that I enjoy, plus an excuse to put my feet up.
Netflix, combined with Google Chromecast, has turned our bedroom television set into a private home theater.  Even our children love Netflix, not only for it’s movies and series, but for documentaries they have incorporated into their homeschool work.  I fear John and I have created little technological monsters.
Since my partner and I share much of the same tastes in films, it is not hard to find movies that we want to watch and enjoy together.  Action and horror are two of our favorite film genres.  Within action movies, we lean towards the military fiction sub genre.  Films such as A Few Good MenAn Officer and an Gentleman, Born on the Fourth of JulyCadenceFull Metal Jacket,Saving Private Ryan, and Top Gun remain favorites.
Military flicks have always appealed to me, as many of them feature themes of duty, honor, masculinity, and an overall sense of protecting what one believes to be their own.  All of those traits I have identified with from an early age.  Sometimes I fear that gentleman are a dying breed of men.
While I’ve always know that I was a writer, ever since I wrote my first short story in high school, I’ve also had dreams of a secondary career.  One that I felt, according to society, stereotypically defined all the traits of an alpha male.  As a young man, I often had dreams of joining the ROTC in college and becoming a military officer.   I also wondered what being a law enforcement officer, or firefighter would be like as well.
Since I am a transman I knew the possibility of entering into any of those careers as a male, particularly the military, would be difficult. Instead, I became a freelance journalist and photographer, eventually ended up as a ManLove erotic romance author.  Did I settle?  No, because I always wanted to be a writer first.
As a man of forty, I can still have dreams.  Realistically however, the closest that I will probably ever get to being a military officer is the high and tight haircut that I wear, in addition to the order and routine I try to maintain in my life.  John has said periodically I would have made a fine officer and gentleman.  Baby Doll likes to flatter, and even though I am a modest man, his flattery can be quite effective.  Did I mention that I like military surplus stores, too?
This week one of the films that we watched, probably for the dozenth time, was an Officer and a Gentleman.  Even though the movie was familiar to us, the words that Baby Doll spoke to me afterwards were not.  As usual, he always has the capacity to touch not only my heart, but my spirit as well.
“While I like Hollywood’s version of the movie, I’ve got a gay version,” Baby Doll spoke.

“Oh really,”  I replied, looking through Netflix’s library for another film to watch.  

“Stop looking through films and pay attention.”


“You know I’ve always thought of you like him at the end.”

“Gay I hope,”  I said playfully. 

“Oh, Casanova, quit being arrogant!”  John spoke, his voice flamboyant and sweet.  ”My last relationship—”

“Shh…” I said, tenderly placing a finger on Baby Doll’s lips, as I smoothed the hair away from his face.  ”That jerk did and said things to you that no man should ever do to his partner. I’ve told you before that he had no idea how to satisfy a flamboyant gay man in a top / bottom dynamic.”

John closed his eyes, leaning into my touch.  

“When I met you, Andrew, you carried me away from all that bad stuff.  I have a better life because of you.”

“My life depends on you, too, Baby Doll.”  
John and I live a ManLove version of life.  I believe this had always been true, not only as  soul mates, but in past lives together. Love comes in many forms.  I am thankful to have readers who enjoy hearing how it found me twenty-three years ago, and continues to remain today.  
To learn more about John and I visit: Life With Baby Doll.  Due to the increasing popularity of the Life With Baby Doll series, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails. Remember Love is Love…Period.
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Andrew K Kinley  is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-Bookstrand Publishing  and LGBTQ rights activist based in Hot Springs, AR.  All of his work can be found at:  A K Kinley.  For questions or comments please e-mail him at

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