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Life With Baby Doll: Renewed Promises

WARNING:  The links contained within this post will take you to sites with content for mature readers only.  However, this post is suitable for a PG audience. 

In a previous Life With Baby Doll post titled, Tender Dominance and Sweet Submission, I first introduced a gay couple that John and I have been friends with for many years in Hot Springs. Due to Ryan and Sam’s work schedules, Baby Doll and I often look in on their lake home when they both have to be out of town at the same time.
During Thanksgiving, John and I took the men up on their offer of using their lake home as a getaway.  In remembering our passionate lovemaking from that night, I thought another interlude would be a perfect way to close out this year’s holiday season. Ryan and Sam’s lavish home certainly sets the mood for romance.
With Ryan and Sam supposedly scheduled to be out of town for work and visiting family until January 2nd, I shared my plans with Baby Doll on Christmas Eve.  On Thursday evening, the day after Christmas, I had decided that John and I would spend the night at the lake home.
We arrived at our friends’ house at seven o’clock that night. From the moment I opened the door, I knew that something was wrong.  The Christmas tree that had stood in the great room was gone. All that was left was a few broken ornaments on the floor. Presents were strewn everywhere. My first thought was that John and I had just walked in on a robbery. However, their had been no evidence of forced entry. I used a key to open the door, and had entered their password to deactivate the alarm system that was still set.
Baby Doll was the first to noticed that Ryan’s flight uniform jacket and hat were lying on the sofa, and a suitcase was nearby. When I walked over to the couch, I noticed two empty bottles of liquor sitting on top of an envelope and piece of paper.  I probably wouldn’t have paid any attention to the letter, except that near the whiskey bottles was a pile of torn photographs. All the images appeared to be of Ryan and Sam.  Baby Doll sat down next to me on the sofa, as I picked up the letter.  From the words I read, it was clear that Sam had walked out on Ryan.  My next thought was that we needed to find the pilot.
John and I finally located him in the master suite.  He was lying in the fetal position on the bed in the dark. I turned on a lamp, while Ryan shielded his eyes from the light. He looked heartbroken and devastated.  I knew he had been crying.
“He left me, Andrew. After thirty years…he just walked out.”
At Ryan’s request, I turned the light back off.  John and I found out that Ryan had been in his bedroom for two days. He hadn’t eaten anything either.  So after we managed to get some soup down him, he shared the painful details of what had happened. I promised him that John and I would keep the conversation private.  While I know that there are two sides to every story, I can say that the breakup was very unexpected on Ryan’s part.  He’s still deeply in love with Sam, and wants to try and reconcile with him.
John and I told him that we were going to spend the night in one of the other four bedrooms.  I didn’t think it was wise to leave him in the state he was in. Besides, before we left his bedroom Ryan told us that the Christmas tree was probably at the bottom of the lake, and that he thought that would be the perfect place for him as well.
Baby Doll and I cleaned up the great room and were alone in one of the guest rooms by nine o’clock.  Regardless of what Sam was feeling, I thought it was important that I call him to share his husband’s state of mind. Having been suicidal myself, I knew where Ryan’s pain was manifesting.  I found out that Sam was at a hotel in Hot Springs. Fifteen minutes later, after much persuasion, I convinced him that he needed to at least come to the lake house and stay the night there,too.  If nothing else, to let Ryan know that he still cared about him.
Much to my surprise Sam arrived, and immediately went to their bedroom. He knocked softly on the door, and told Ryan that he was there. When Ryan opened the door, he sank into Sam’s arms, crying like a child.  Sam had closed the door behind them, while Baby Doll and I went back to the guestroom. At that point, I had decided that we were still staying.  I didn’t want Sam to leave again, and find out later that Ryan had jumped into the lake.
Once alone, I noticed that Baby Doll was upset himself.  He was sitting on the edge of the bed, wiping at tears on his face.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked, sitting down beside John.

When he didn’t answer, I put my finger gently under his chin and turned his face towards mine, pretty certain that I knew the answer.

“I’m never going to leave you, Baby Doll.”

“What if we don’t make it? I don’t want us to end up like Ryan and Sam,” Baby Doll replied through tears.

“Shh,”  I whispered, as my lips kissed his tear-stained cheeks. “I’m not going to let that happen.”

“Ryan and Sam probably didn’t think it was going to happen either.”

“Every couple is different.  We’re different.  What I do know, is that Ryan and Sam still love each other.  They just have a lot of things that they need to work through right now. I can’t answer if their relationship will last, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that our love affair never dies.”

 John’s tears had stopped.  My lips were now brushing softly over his face. 

“Baby Doll, don’t you know that I’m your protector, provider….and your top.”  I whispered again. ”I know your most private and intimate emotions.  Our hearts are one all the time.”

“Andrew,” John moaned. 

His response was more than likely because I had ran my thumb over his bottom lip.  

“I brought you here tonight, Baby Doll, so we could renew some promises like we do every year at this time.  Since I don’t hear any fighting between Ryan and Sam, I feel confident that I can continue making sure you realize that your heart is safe with me.” 

Later, in the final moments of our lovemaking, I paused for just a moment. Looking down into John’s eyes, I made sure that my stare held not only the renewed promises of my heart, but the fact that he was secure with me body and soul.  

Breathless, I spoke into Baby Doll’s ear, “I know how to love your heart…I know right where to touch your body…but I’ve got no clue how to ever leave you.  Does that renew our promises?  Two hearts like ours make love constantly, sometimes out of nothing at all except the sheer will to be one.”
When Baby Doll and I left the next morning, Sam’s car was still in the garage.  John and I hadn’t disturbed them, as we heard both men talking in their bedroom on our way downstairs.  Ryan called me yesterday and told me that they were taking it slow, but trying to make an effort to remain together.  In return, I shared with him the fact that I was going to be making a Life With Baby Doll post on Sunday titled, Renewed Promises.  While I told Ryan that I didn’t know everything that they were going through, I thought that they might like to read my thoughts. I finished by telling him that sometimes promises are never forgot, they just need to be renewed.
To learn more about this series and find a recent list of archives visit: Life With Baby Doll. More will be added, as I continue to update my new Webpage. Due to the increasing popularity of these posts, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
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