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Home for the Holidays on ManLove Authors

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The romantic and sexual tension between the couple burned hotter than the fire casting a soft glow in the room. All was quiet except for the crackle of the logs. In a corner of the room, lights from one of Grant’s many Christmas trees twinkled. Grant wasn’t sure if the smells of spice were from the holiday centerpiece on his coffee table, or from Brett’s cologne. Right now, the only thoughts he could process centered on the words “relationship,” “love,” and “commitment.” All three words had escaped his lover’s lips tonight.

~ Teaser from Home for the Holidays by A K Kinley 
My Featured Free Read, Home for the Holidays, has been published at Siren BookStrand's ManLove Authors Webpage!  Read the short story at:  Home for the Holidays by A K Kinley*This content contains adult language and themes. It is intended for a mature audience.*
At twenty-seven, Grant Montclaire has lived a privileged life.  From a posh home, to a fancy sports car, and the MBA degree he is seeking from a private college, the young man is accustomed to the extravagance of his parent’s pocketbook.  Grant is also painfully aware that sometimes men only desire him for his money and not love.
In the final year of his degree program, Grant meets Professor Brett Northwood.  Grant admits that when he first walked into the classroom four months ago he had fallen into lust.  Now, two weeks before Christmas, he is falling into love.  Their shared kiss had been the culmination of that.
From shaking Brett’s hand on the second day of class, to feeling the instructor’s lips against his last week, Grant has no doubt in his mind that love meant to be is no respecter of age.  Now, he has invited the sexy gentleman, twenty years his senior, to dinner to share those feelings.   He secretly hopes that Brett will find a home with him for the holidays.
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