Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Bedtime Story and a Contest


A good friend of mine, Master Mike Sisco, narrated an excerpt from the first chapter of Stepping Stones. He's the real deal, ladies, and he has a deep, sexy voice to boot! Here's the link to the video narration:  It can also be found this week on the GoodRead's BDSM Group's home page. Next week, it will be featured on the Erotic Enchants home page. Give it a listen, and you can click the "Like" button (on GR or YouTube) to show your appreciation.


First, thanks for including me in the BDSM Bedtime Stories series. To celebrate this honor, I'm running a contest from Oct 24- Nov 7. I'll sift through the entries and announce winners on Nov 14. What do you win? A chance to have your recipe featured in Awakenings #6, the sequel to Hanging On (untitled.)

In Hanging On 2, I introduce Neal, whose big dream is to be a famous chef. To celebrate the releases of Stepping Stones and Wanting Wilder, and to commemorate Stepping Stones as a BDSM Bedtime Story, I'm offering 1-3 lucky readers a chance to have their recipe appear in Hanging On 2. I'm looking for a sexy drink, appetizer, or dessert. Neal needs to impress his way into Drew's kitchen and into Drew and Sophia's hearts. Recipes need to be original! Tell me what's delicious and why the dish is sexy. I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of sensual secrets you uncover.

Let me explain...No, let me sum up:
1. Designate whether it's a drink, appetizer, or dessert (or some combination.)
2. Include the complete recipe.
3. Tell why it's sexy.
4. Send it to me at michele.zurlo91 AT Include RECIPE CONTEST in the subject line.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Michele Zurlo

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