Thursday, October 25, 2012

A NEW captive romance: Paris Bites

I am so very happy this morning. I can barely contain my enthusiasm! Paris Bites is up for pre-order at Bookstrand this morning and it's 15% off if you want to pick up your copy by the way. lol

Paris Bites was one of the very few books of my heart. It took me over two years to finish and part of this was due to technical problems. I lost a big chunk of it on my fried hard drive. Grrrr...It was heartbreaking and I didn't have the heart to go back and rewrite it again but the characters kept speaking to me and really wanted to get out into the world so this summer I did finally go back and rewrite their ending and finish the book. It ended up a full length novel and I am so very happy and proud to be able to share it with you now.

I loved my tour of Europe and found the crypts fascinating and much of this book takes place below the city within the catacombs. It was just so much fun to write and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Get PARIS BITES by clicking here or visiting the link below.

Title: Paris Bites
Genre; Captive Romance, m/f, vampire, paranormal romance
Length: 67k
Price $5.50  15% off if you pre-order
It will be available to download November 5, 2012

More about the book:

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Capture Romance, vampires, HEA]
Christopher D’Angelo is from a very long and distinguished line of vampires, but years of blood and sex aren’t enough to make him happy. Only finding his mate can make him complete, and he doesn’t have a chance in hell without finding his family’s lost blood diamond first.
Samantha Panini is living and working as a thief on the streets of Paris dressed as a young man to protect her virginity. Her entire life changes abruptly when she picks the pocket of a vampire. In retaliation, he kidnaps her.
Once Christopher discovers her secrets and her lush curves, he is unwilling to let her go, but he made a promise to release her if she cooperates.
In a quirk of fate, his captive turns out to be his lifemate, and she holds the keys to his heart. Will she break it completely when it comes time to release her, or will his enemies destroy her first?

Thanks for reading this morning and lots of love to you all,
Missy Lyons

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