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Mickie Sherwood's BayouBabe99er IR Mainstream Romance

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Louisiana's lushness is the setting for my mainstream contemporary love story, BayouBabe99er. The story takes place after the disastrous Gulf oil spill that threatens to eliminate the communities scattered along the coast. What can a forty-four year-old laid-off banker, and an oil company liaison, closer to the ages of her daughters than hers, have in common? Desire! The desire—to right a wrong—and for each other.



BayouBabe99er (2012)            
BayouBabe99er (MF)

Genre: Mainstream/IR Romance

Word Count: 25,980

Price: $2.99



The rumbling sound vibrated the wooden dock behind the store. A tri-horn blasted the quiet and brought Clyde out on the run. He admired the cut of the sleek white racer with the bold red stripes. Clyde hustled his arthritic body back inside with a yell.

“Sha, come see!”

Drake, who’d changed into casual wear, jumped to the dock just as Sharlene came rushing outside. She faltered, he supposed, at what met her eyes. But she acknowledged him with a slow, sad smile. The act caused his heart to go ca-boom.

“Let’s go.”

He ushered her up the walkway by the hand and onto the deck, making introductions as they took the center aisle to the cockpit. His companion merely smiled and nodded as he brought the throttle down to reverse. Drake helped Sharlene into her life vest as the boat eased away.

Clyde saluted their departure.

Soon they cruised the open water, their bodies rocking to the motion as they cut through the waves. Drake positioned himself at Sharlene’s back. His hands held the rail on either side of her body as a deterrent to her tumbling from the jerky gyration. A fine spray misted them as they sailed along.

The constant swaying bumped Sharlene and Drake’s bodies together continuously. Passionate thoughts stayed at bay because of the serious nature of the expedition. They sped into the gray day on a mission of mercy. Drake did what he did for Sharlene, because he suspected it would do her good to escort her uncle’s pride and joy back to port. For him? Well, he drew satisfaction knowing he provided her that small bit of relief.

“There they are!” Sharlene exclaimed.

Drake saw the faint black spots dotting the surface of the water, way in the distance. He also felt the sporadic tremors she attempted to hide. The tight grip she had on the iron rail was another giveaway. “Relax, Sharlene. We have quite a while to go.”

Sharlene looked at him over her shoulder. “Thank you so much, Drake. I can’t explain it…I mean…”

“You’re welcome.” He kissed the side of her face exposed to him, continuing in a somber voice. “I think I understand.”

They rode in silence as the boat bounced and bumped over the choppy water. The minutes ticked down to seconds with the flotilla enlarging in size. The BayouBabe lurched along, pulled by a tow. Trawlers flanked her on all sides.

The captain of the speedboat slowed to maneuver a wide arc around the group, doing an observation lap. Sharlene’s posture stiffened. Drake felt her heart racing so fast the beat competed with the thundering motor. A shaky hand wiped moisture from her unbelieving eyes.

“Uncle Moot!” she screamed while scrambling to be free of Drake’s shielding embrace. He held tight. “He’s alive, Drake!”

“I see him.”

Moot stood at the wheel as big as day. Pausing from the strenuous steering job, he gestured to Sharlene by tipping the brim of his cap. The use of one hand nearly cost him control of his hobbling craft. The quick recovery brought a smile to his lips.

Sharlene escaped Drake’s hold and darted to the narrow foot ledge rimming the boat. The going was risky for the surface glistened with water. The deck shoes she wore hardly mattered for she slid a time or two before arriving safely on the forward platform. Drake closed in on her sporting a not-so-pleased look.

“You’re going to get yourself killed!”

The bite of his words stung. Sharlene was just about to retaliate when she recognized that mournful look in his eyes. Her ire deflated. She refused to blast him after realizing he only had her best interest at heart.

Besides, she was elated with the turn of events. Her world revolved from tragedy to triumph. Her uncle survived a horrific ordeal. Thanks to the stabilizing effect of the man next to her, Sharlene had reasons to smile again.


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Mickie Sherwood

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