Sunday, September 25, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #160

Already, he has whirled. He leaps into a run, and a feeling of helplessness overwhelms me as I watch him disappear. I want to fight by his side.

Instead I stroke one of the dog’s head. They have crowded around me. One of them hops up beside me, settling against my side as if to comfort me.

“It’s not good,” I whisper. “Not here on Mars. And not on Earth, my beloved Earth.” No, it’s not good. I know.

As I come to grips with my sudden, beyond-my-belief situation, I see a circle of gentle white light. It becomes a brilliant orb suspended high in the room. Since I feel no fear, I continue gazing, and get that knowing sense...

The Cherub appears, a jovial smile on his face. Relief and happiness flood through me. I straighten fast, answering him with my own grin. Of course, in the back of my mind, I wonder if he’s arrived to take me back to Earth. That unsettles me, and grieves me.

With a subtle sweep of his arm, the Heavenly One widens his illumined circle. “I’ve brought a friend,” he announces.

Moon Dream bounds through, a big wolfie smile on her furred face.

I open my arms to her, and my pulse quickens with joy. Simultaneously, the dogs leap toward Moon Dream. I watch as an orgy of sniffing commences.

Once Moon Dream is accepted, she jumps into my arms, my huge furry bundle. While she gives me several tongue-licking kisses my cheek, I hug her close.

Long moments later, I ask, “Have you come to take me back?”

“No. You are safer here, my beloved one, with Amen-Dhuroth.”

Given the Cherub’s extra serious tone, I frown and ask, “Safer?”

“Yes. You, among many others on Earth have been targeted.” The Heavenly One pauses, his expression the fiercest I’ve ever witnessed. “The time of extermination has arrived. Sooner than was thought by the Divine Council.”

“Extermination,” I whisper, the breath rushing from my lungs.

“Any human who is considered dangerous to the plans of the soulless ones is now targeted.”



The theme for this is week is ‘Lifeline and Lightline’. We, the human community, are each others’ lifeline. As well, we are becoming the ‘lightline’ as we help and guide each other through these upcoming times.

For, it is the community that will survive and thrive in the Aquarian Age, and this week that truth will become more obvious to many. There is a caveat, however. Only communities who cherish freedom, who respect each other as individuals, and who encourage an independent and innovative spirit, will remain strong and viable over the long run.

For the following week, make a conscious decision to look around you. Take notice of the changes that have occurred during the past year in your personal life, and in the world at large. This is crucial to understanding what will happen in the near future.

Also, from this point forward, social changes will occur in quantum leaps. Once again, the good face presents itself, and in opposition the evil face appears. Beneficent, Renaissance-like changes sweep across the globe now, all while the global surveillance grid is used for every manner of evil.

Watch for a zigzag pattern of events this week on the world stage. Your personal life is likely to be all over the map, as well. Sit still long enough to evaluate your best move, then move!

As the economy continues to tank, the global Banksters will ‘crow’ about their success while demanding they be given even more power over the almighty dollar, and the other world currencies. However, they are in for some rude surprises beginning toward the end of this week. This is because the AWAKENING has taken another quantum leap forward.

Sadly, at this time, the witch hunts begin anew against those who are highly psychic. This will not be apparent at first, because this Inquisition-like persecution will be kept beneath the public eye.

Trendwise, this week brings an abundance of opportunities to discover what type of work your soul resonates with most. The Soul Rising of humanity goes into high gear at this time. Those of you who are in touch with and expressing your soul self will be in demand to assist others. Do not be shy about accepting proper payment.

From a prior forecast ~ “a powerful magick is arriving, once again, and is available for those bold enough in vision to claim it. There will be individuals who will emerge as magicians, that is, the use of magick as it was practiced by the Wise Women and by those like Merlin. Before the Turning toward technology was allowed, as a method to circumvent the dark force, Magick reigned as the true and natural force on Earth.”

As All Hallows’ Eve 2011 approaches, there will be a dramatic shift toward true magick -- toward everything that is magical and paranormal.

Watch out for high strangeness this week.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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