Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #159

“Enough, enough,” my lion man playfully tells them. At that moment, Deimos, the moon, switches on again.

“Inside!” Amen-Dhuroth roars.

Before I know it, he’s scooped me into his arms. With long swift strides he moves toward a tall arched door. The dogs follow in our wake, low growls in their throats.

I have no idea who the enemy is. All I know is that Amen-Dhuroth has turned into my protective warrior. I cannot explain the incredible, unexpected sensations I am feeling as a woman. To be so protected... no, I am not used to this. No way.

Even as I relish these new feelings, I worry about what is going on. My lion man carries me within his home, and I hear the dogs behind us. I can’t see my surroundings since it remains dark inside. Yet, his fast stride is unerring, and we make several turns.

Suddenly, he is half-running down what I believe is a long ramp. Moments later, we enter a pool of soft amber light. Quickly, he places me on sumptuous bedding.

“You will be safe here, my woman. I must return and fight the invaders.” The next moment his lips find mine, and his kiss devours me for only a brief instant.

Then he’s rising, launching upward like the powerful lion man he is. Desperately, I want to ask him who the invaders are... what’s going on. But, I sense he has no time to answer.

Already, he has whirled. He leaps into a run, and a feeling of helplessness overwhelms me as I watch him disappear. I want to fight by his side.

Instead I stroke one of the dog’s head. They have crowded around me. One of them hops up beside me, settling against my side as if to comfort me.

“It’s not good,” I whisper. “Not here on Mars. And not on Earth, my beloved Earth.” No, it’s not good. I know.



For the following week, and into the year 2012, nothing that happens on the world stage will be real. It is merely a staged play, made to appear real for public consumption. Or, it can be viewed as a theatrical drama designed to fool, to deceive all those who watch. All those who care ‘not’ for the truth.

Because the ‘system’ is imploding and the AWAKENING is soaring, drastic measures are being devised and set into motion. Know this, anything done from a corrupt, self-serving and evil motive will backfire, no matter the horror ‘the soulless ones’ inflict on innocents.

At this point in time, the rebellion against the system launches into high gear. This will manifest in many ways, from the destructive to the highly spiritual.

As the demand for freedom becomes more and more obvious, much of the battle will occur behind the scenes. Also, know that the best success will be gained by those who go their own way and follow their truth, and by those who form like-minded communities for the benefit of ALL their members.

Blow your mind ~ that is this week’s dominant theme. Once again, this theme has two faces. On the dark soulless side, chemicals are being used on a mass scale -- in the air, in water and food -- to ruin humanity’s ability to think and comprehend.
The Good Face of ‘Blow your mind’ is a necessary part of the Aquarian Age. It will be about letting go of beliefs and ways of being that no longer serve you or humanity. It is also about opening yourself to a higher level of truth and wisdom. This will include recognizing other life forms, other beings from otherworlds.

As the expose of the ‘evildoers’ continues, your best strategy is to look for real and workable solutions. Getting back to the land, growing food, and growing crops to take the place of oil and energy, is ‘one’ solution which will serve all of us.

Trendwise, this week is about the growing movement to provide personal solutions. As the UNRAVELING speeds up, there will be a demand for the ‘old ways’ and the ‘new ways’. A simple example would be owning a wood stove and using the latest in solar technology. This blending of the old and new is the wave of the future. The near future.

Stay on your toes this week, and show kindness where it is deserved.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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