Monday, September 5, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #157

My head swims and swirls, yet I absorb his words. “Wow... lots of info.”

“Yes,” he rumbles softly. His lips brush my temple, and I quiver, all hot and needy inside.

With a sudden movement, he changes directions, and I feel the quickened pace of his camel.

“Home, Sh’raka. I am taking you to my estate home.”

The words I speak are blown away, atoms in the rush of wind. We must be traveling at about sixty miles an hour. Yet, his camel feels like a rocking boat in a gentle tide.

So many emotions crash through me, one after another. I feel lost as to what to think and feel. A usual state of mind for these past several years.

As we travel through the night’s darkness, my lion man makes certain I am safe within his arms. To say I am amazed, dazed by his strength... yeah, beyond that.

His ‘estate home’, I have to wonder. Will it be different from his apartment inside The Face on Mars? My mind whirls with the recent images, with my reaction to seeing and feeling his ancient Egyptian furnishings... and, to viewing the paintings I created during my lifetime then.

Suddenly, we enveloped by a soft, salmon-pink illumination. Then, I glimpse a structure. It’s palatial, and reminds me of some of the mansions in Miami. Now, I realize the air feels moister. I smell an ocean... only it smells cleaner, fresher, and tantalizing, with a different salty tang than on Earth.

We slow to a fast walk, and I can feel his camel’s eagerness.

“Home, sweet home,” he rumbly teases.

“An ocean?” I marvel at how my arms feel around the great strength of his neck, and I snuggle closer.

“Yes, a small one compared to the oceans that cover the surface of Earth. We have taken immense care in resurrecting two of our largest oceans.”

In the near distance, the barking of several dogs begins -- large ole woofs carried on the strong breeze. “Dogs?”

“Not just dogs, my beloved one. They are our dogs. Yes,” he interrupts my question, “they are long-lived, from the ancient times on Earth. Be prepared for lots of greeting licks on your face.”

To say the least, my curiosity shoots up like a rocket, and I peer toward them. However, all I see are the enormous decorative plantings in front of the mansion.

“Once our beloved Egypt on Earth fell beneath the sacred vibration,” Amen-Dhuroth continues, “You and I portalled them here. Along with many of our other animals, and our most favored possessions.”

I am astonished, awed by merely the thought that what he says could be true. Still, I feel it as truth, as that tingle of deep down knowing.

Moments later, to the discredit of my character, I wonder if some future shift of energy on Earth will mean that I will have to remain longer on Mars. Because, so far, I have every reason to want to stay.



This week’s theme centers around the idea that Love Conquers All. This is only true, however, when personal love is aligned with Divine Love. Or, at this time, the more we wish for good to come into the lives of those who ‘truly’ deserve it, the more we align with Ultimate Good, and receive goodness ourselves.

Thus, as we wish good upon each other, the human community is more and more in alignment, and creating an ever-rising spiral of GOOD. This alignment in LOVE, becomes crucial as we move deeper into the time of the Great Purification.

For the following week, and the next two weeks, the economic woes for many will sharpen, and there will be a strong reaction against the system. This will play out in many expected ways. However, there will be some unexpected scenarios. Be on the look out, and be cautious.

During this time of transition there will be a decided energy shift from materialism to community. The exchange of money as being ‘the’ motivating factor will gradually end. Relationships will be the motivating factor for humanity.

This is the point in history when ‘throwing money’ at problems will no longer work. No matter the amount, and no matter the problem. Whether it’s personal or social, the solution to a problem, great or small, will come from ‘the soul’, and from the soul of the community.

This is not to say there will be no form of money. There will be many forms of currency. It is the energy, itself, that is shifting. Human intention is what will work to bring about real change and real solutions.

From this point forward, it will appear as though the ‘dark force’ now rules the world. In many ways, this will be true as their many psychopathic minions cause horrific chaos and massive destruction at every opportunity.

However, there are many Benevolents, as they are called, who will be mitigating this maniacal and mad-scientist destruction. Also, with the rise of AWARENESS steam-rolling across the globe, humanity is asserting the natural right to bring forth the ‘goodness’ of the Aquarian Age.

Also, even as major conflicts and wars spread, devouring parts of the planet, there is the opposite occurring. The rainbow-bright Renaissance is rising. Creativity gains in strength, uniting those of like mind, as was spoken about in last week’s forecast.

Trendwise, the time of New Renaissance Music is upon us. This worldwide trend is eclectic in nature -- and includes all forms of music, all styles of music. However, every effort is being made by the ‘soulless ones’ to suppress, and end this trend that is most vital to humanity. One example of this, that may not be obvious, is the current attack on the Gibson Guitar company. This unwarranted ‘attack’ will backfire, and create many more musicians.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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