Monday, September 12, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #158

“Once our beloved Egypt on Earth fell beneath the sacred vibration,” Amen-Dhuroth continues, “You and I portalled them here. Along with many of our other animals, and our most favored possessions.”

I am astonished, awed by merely the thought that what he says could be true. Still, I feel it as truth, as that tingle of deep down knowing.

Moments later, to the discredit of my character, I wonder if some future shift of energy on Earth will mean that I will have to remain longer on Mars. Because, so far, I have every reason to want to stay.

In the pinkish pool of light I see them -- enormous dogs the size of a Shetland Pony racing toward us. They look like a Siberian Husky crossed with a Greyhound, since they have sleek bodies meant for running, but their heads and curly tails belong to a Husky breed.

“Slow!” My lion man shouts to them.

Their speed slackens, but not by much. I can’t tell the true color of their coats, only that there is a supernatural-like glisten. Their eyes cut through the darkness, bright blue beams focused on us.

As if out of nowhere, a slender man appears, his garb could be from the Arabian Nights. Immediately, Amen-Dhuroth’s camel heads for him, my camel beside him. “He is their caretaker,” I hear him say in my ear.

With the four dogs now bounding around us, then springing straight up to look at me, my lion man gathers me in his arms, swings one leg over, then gains his feet on the ground.

Tears flood my eyes before I know it. My heart surges with pure love. “My baby dogs,” I croon to them over and over again.

Amen-Dhuroth sets me down, and the four of them try to lick my face all at once, while I take turns hugging their huge bodies, and petting them madly.

Knocked to the ground by their enthusiasm, I laugh. We tumble around playing and loving on each other. I kiss their faces and clutch their necks, the joy overwhelming. Somewhere in the back of mind, there is a faint remembrance of their names.

“Enough, enough,” my lion man playfully tells them. At that moment, Deimos, the moon, switches on again.

“Inside!” Amen-Dhuroth roars.

Before I know it, he’s scooped me into his arms. With long swift strides he moves toward a tall arched door. The dogs follow in our wake, low growls in their throats.



For the following week, the winds of change sweep many of us off our feet, and at the same time, the sweeping and fierce winds of truth reveal what has been kept carefully hidden from Joe and Jane public. It’s going to be a wild ride, one many would rather shy away from.

There are several dynamics, this week, that enter the spotlight, and will remain well into the next year of 2012. One of those dynamics is what has been called the UNRAVELING in prior forecasts. At this point in time, what has been, is being ripped apart at the seams.

The ‘unraveling’ has two faces. The dark powers-that-be are using these Aquarian cosmic energies to unravel families, the natural and good love between family members, with the intention of making the corp-state the so-called ‘family’.

The other face of the ‘unraveling’ is the final destruction of the corp-establishment, and its iron-fisted control over society. With the AWAKENING crisscrossing the globe, gaining in strength, and gaining in true wisdom, the demand for freedom now becomes ear-splitting at the soul level.

Freedom, the desire for freedom, is becoming the very fabric of our being. Every good promise of the Aquarian Age is based on this ‘freedom’ to self-determine our own lives, our own way, our own path.

As a reflection of this dynamic, this week will be one of ‘division’ at every level of society. Again, this has a good face and an evil face. The good will be in separating from situations that no longer serve your highest nature, and finding a new way that nourishes your soul, one that unites you with others of like mind.

The evil face shows itself as ‘divide and conquer’. Every effort is being made to divide humanity against itself, as has been stated before. Now these tactics will be ramped up, and go into hyper-drive.

On a personal level, the following week is likely to offer many challenges, which will in fact be opportunities to create a better and more fulfilling life. Go forward with that thought in mind. And pay attention to the emotions of your heart.

More Changes, More Challenges -- that will be the theme for the upcoming months, especially in the world at large. However, there will be personal upheavals on a grand scale as well. For some, it will be like riding a tidal wave, then jumping on the back of a raging tiger. The remedy, follow the truth of your soul.

Trendwise, everything ‘survival’ will remain hot, and is very much needed right now. As an opposite to this trend, glamor as a real and beautiful force, rather than as a way to advertise Hollywood, returns to nourish that part of us that loves and resonates with beauty. For, we are the beautiful people of Earth, each in our own right.

Show the love this week, and you will be rewarded in ways you never thought possible.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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