Monday, April 25, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #138

“They’re still fighting. The two races?”

“Yes. Their progeny carry on the war, spurred on by those with corrupt souls who would be kings.”

“Sounds about right,” I murmur, a sour taste in my mouth.

“I would recite the epic battles and destruction to you, however, it is lengthy and tragic. Although, let us say, the good guys won that round.”

“What about now? With epic battles and destruction on the way? Will Good win?” I ask, even knowing he probably can’t answer. But, sigh, I live with that question every moment of every day.

“That is to be decided. And, is being decided in this moment. In the following moments by every being on Earth.”

“Yes...” I am all too aware of that truth. I am also hyper aware of his deep resonant voice.

Gradually whirling, I take in the ‘code’. A sudden glow appears, and rainbow rays of light slant inside like sunbeams.

“Shall we ride the rainbow to the top?” Amen-Dhuroth asks, his tone somewhat playful.

Before I can ask, he twines our arms, and we rise within a tunnel of soft-looking light. It feels like riding up an elevator, but not.

“More surprises that you can shake a stick at,” I mutter, once I get my bearings. Of course, I can barely believe my eyes.

“This room is decorated in the old style of Egypt,” he pauses, “when you and I...”

But he doesn’t finish. I can guess what he’s about to say. My past life with him. I would ask about it now, however, I am overwhelmed by the sheer luxury and beauty before me. The flowing simplicity of the furniture. The brilliant colors that appear to have a life of their own. The polished spheres of lapis lazuli and malachite. The crystal pyramids in various sizes.

“It looks like someone lives here. Are we intruding?” I stare at the golden figurine of an ancient Egyptian woman.

“No, Sh’raka, we do not intrude. I live here at times. It is one of my apartments.”

I should have known his answer, part of it anyway. Still, I’m stunned, feeling all dizzy-whirly, and the only thing I can utter is, “Do you have any etchings?”

“Only yours.”

Okay, now I am in strango bizzaro land... sort of...



For the following week, and for the rest of the year, 20ll, there will be a dizzying pace of major, on-the-world-stage events, including weather catastrophes and the destruction of escalating wars.

As the AWAKENING gathers momentum, becoming an ever-faster avalanche, THOSE who would stop it, hyper-increase their opposition. However, their veneer is dissipating. They are being exposed for who and what they are. Psychopathic monsters to the core.

At mid-point during the week, there is likely to be a shift in how the world at large has been operating. Some will see it as all hell breaking loose. And, they won’t be wrong.

The universal force of love will take a huge jackrabbit leap this week. Love is the air. Love is everywhere. This divine force is infusing human hearts as never before. This is ‘not’ the gooey, warm fuzzy side of love. This is fierce, all encompassing love. Love that is about humanity as a whole. And, deep love in personal relationships, as well.

A strange dynamic is now rising that will muddle up the economy, and could eventually cause a wide divergence. That is, depression and prosperity will be side by side.

While the economy is still tanking for most folks, there is a new tide of individuals who are generating wealth because of their innovative genius, and because they are willing to share their discoveries without concern for patents and trademarks.

This generosity is one key to the future well-being of humanity. At this time, the more sharing that takes place, and the more folks utilize these discoveries, the faster life on Earth will return to a paradise.

As the Civil War over ideas is fought, sides will be have to be chosen at some point, sooner rather than later. Choose wisely, for this will become the future of the younger generation, and of life on Earth.

Trendwise, it’s a time of bright-light parties. With summer approaching entertainment is likely to take on the characteristics of fire. All flame and flash and high frenzy. Or, warm and glowing and home-centered.

This week it is wise to stock up on good water, as much as you are able to store. Also, a radio that will run on batteries because the storms of life are always with us.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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