Sunday, April 17, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #137

Touching him is strange to my senses, yet good. And, good in a way I’m not certain I understand.

The words roll off my tongue before I can stop them. “Are you the god around these parts?”

He hesitates now, and I notice a subtle twinkle in his gaze. “One of them.”

So, what does an Earth woman say to that?

Before I know it, he has taken me in hand, and we are walking toward the infamous Face on Mars. I shiver inside. Hardly an apt description for what I’m feeling.

I’m definitely on some kind of feminine high simply because ‘he’ is beside me. A grace of movement possesses me, and yeah, there are clouds beneath my feet.

And, omygawd, the Face! As we near, the giant side looks even more like heavy brass, only with an odd texture I’m unfamiliar with. “What is the Great Lion Man constructed out of?”

“It is a crystalline structure that has been overlaid with a gold and copper mixture that was electrified. The substance then naturally adheres by melding with the surface. Time alters it little.”

“Good shocks is right,” I burst out softly.

Instead of entering as others are doing, a door opens. That is, it seems to phase open. The opening is dark, and I hesitate. However, Amen-Dhuroth, leads me forward, and we step into a pool of intense golden light.

I feel as if I am bathed by sacred particles. My eyes shut like I’m in the shower, and a sense of timelessness takes me over.

“We are being cleansed of impurities.” Amen-Dhuroth explains. “It will cause our experience to be magnified.”

“Magnified,” I whisper. The enormity of my situation hits me. When I open my eyes again, we stand inside a room somewhat similar to the pyramid. A series of symbols are engraved on the soaring walls. The four walls appear like giant stone tablets, and I am in awe.

“Computer code,” I say, slowly spinning around. “It’s a type of computer code, isn’t it?”

“Yes, from those who colonized Mars after the Great Disaster. It is the story of the solar system wars as they understood them.”

“Were they part of the wars?”

“Only as observers.”

An eery knowing fills me. “The war continues, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, the original combatants both settled on Earth. They are two of the races. There were six separate races in the beginning. That is, for the current epoch of time.”

“They’re still fighting. The two races?”

“Yes. Their progeny carry on the war, spurred on by those with corrupt souls who would be kings.”

“Sounds about right,” I murmur, a sour taste in my mouth.



For the following full-moon week, and for the next four weeks THOSE who are the ‘Usurpers of Power’ will make major moves against humanity. This will become obvious by how the continued strife and conflict on the world stage plays out.

Unless there is an intervention, it is likely that a major city in the US will also be a demonstration of this global power grab. These tighten-the-noose moves are in opposition to the AWAKENING that is lighting up the minds of everyone on Earth. At warp speed ‘the people’ are becoming wise to the centuries-old con games used to control them.

As more of the states decide to stand up to the Usurpers, and take back their rights, this will signal the beginning of a Civil War, one that is fought with the power of ideas. And with money.

With the deliberate death of the dollar looming on the horizon, now is the time to organize the best ways to trade, barter, and create your own local commerce. Also, an expansion of the underground economy is advisable. If you have those skills put them to good use. Be Robin Hood.

At this time, there will be a massive campaign to centralize, and take over the internet by the Usurpers. The carrot will be held out while the big stick is readied to strike down anyone who is opposed.

From this point forward, there will be massive movements of the world’s populations due to the ongoing wars and rebellions. This will also occur because of the natural and orchestrated catastrophes. Once several of Earth’s largest volcanoes erupt, this scenario will intensify. Be prepared as you are able.

Remember, at this time in history, possession is nine-tenths of the law, as far as survival is concerned. Whatever you can hold against the enemies of humanity will benefit not only you, but everyone. THOSE who know how to live outside the system, as far as the use of technology and basic farming, will become the new heroines and heroes of the future.

Trendwise, if you are able, now is the time to purchase *real* gold and silver coins, and secret them away. However, DO NOT yield to any form of panic. There is no need. Because the scammers are coming out of the woodwork like fleas, seek out ONLY reputable dealers. As well, remember, food and good water, are far more valuable as barter items.

There is a Grand Angelic surprise on the horizon. Take heart, and trust the divine inside you. Trust the magickal and spiritual being you are.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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