Sunday, April 10, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #136

Goddess! Can I say I love the way he says my supposed other-life name? So, yes, it takes me a moments to absorb his words also, but I say, “Oh.” Then, I utter, “Wow.”

Before me is a banquet of diverse races... that is, people, humanoids, of most every description I can think of. They are milling around the base of the Face on Mars, and are streaming inside.

“Well, this is more fun than a barrel of monkey,” I utter inanely.

As if on cue, a family of humanoid monkeys walks toward a towering entrance, their two little ones in tow. “Okay, that’s more reminiscent of The Planet of the Apes... except they aren’t apes.”

Floating us above the landing port, Amen-Dhuroth circles, then performs a gentle slide into what appears to be a designated spot. When I gaze at him, my brows raised, he smiles with a bit of smug satisfaction.

“I am known here.”

“I guess so.” Deciding he’s not going to tell me more, I don’t ask, but watch him unfold himself with that leonine grace of his, and move around to my side of the flying car.

“If you will take hold of my hand, I will mitigate the good shocks you are experiencing.” As he speaks, he opens the door, then presents his palm.

“Good shocks is right.” With some hesitation I take his hand, and step out. His warmth spreads through me like honey and sunlight, and I feel a sense of calm.
Touching him is strange to my senses, yet good. And, good in a way I’m not certain I understand.

The words roll off my tongue before I can stop them. “Are you the god around these parts?”

He hesitates now, and I notice a subtle twinkle in his gaze. “One of them.”

So, what does an Earth woman say to that?



The following week, and during the next two weeks, there will be a strange chaos of events. This will be due, in part, to what has been called the ‘paranormal’ making itself known to humanity.

The magick of the old ways on Earth is emerging as has been mentioned before. There will be more evidence of this as the year progresses. However, much of it will be kept suppressed. And, it is only those who search for this type of news and seek this information, who will be in the know.

Still, magic and magick, in general, is on the rise. This will be noticed in all layers of society, and will soon transcend the traditional Hollywood representations many of us are most familiar with.

Look to yourself for your own inner magick. It’s there, and waiting to be noticed, then brought forth in ways which will most benefit you and others.

In these times, magick is your ally. And, that is why, every effort will be made to suppress, or demonize these natural human abilities.

There will be those who are known as the Magicians. They come forth now to guide and assist in the development of humanity’s magickal mind and soul. In many cases, the Magicians will ‘not’ be recognized for who they are, so that they may help as many as possible.

On the economic front, look for more lip service by the so-called leaders. The massive lies are designed to make you believe ‘you’ are the problem, and ‘they’ are the solution. In truth, your freedom, your ability to be free, is their problem, just as it became the problem of the British monarchy when they were defeated in the Revolutionary war.

Look around you this week, and notice the Renegades. Their voices are becoming louder, more strident, and more recognized. Notice also, the rise of the Renegade in you.

Trendwise, this is the week for all things magical and magickal. This is the time to notice the new emergence of magick, and take advantage as suits you, and your life.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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