Monday, April 4, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #135

“The pyramids represent the original star system of the inhabitants. They also produce a stabilizing field for craft landing at the Leonine complex. The welcoming face is currently called, most affectionately, Great Lion Man.”

“A feline race, then?”

“Never call them felines.” He erupts with laughter. “We are lions by pedigree. Humanoid lions, of course.”

Lion man! I think. Okay, but he doesn’t look like my idea of a cat race. Then again, he doesn’t look ‘not’ lion, either.

My gaze captured by the Leonine complex, I shout, “You’re a human lion?”

“My heritage is mostly humanoid lion, yes. However...”

A stiff sideways wind whips his words away. I lean in his direction, straining to hear. In those moments, my jaw drops open. The sides of the Great Lion Man are golden. Maybe, more of a brassy color of gold.

And, it does appear to be a tourist trap. I can see all sorts of air-type vehicles and saucers on a huge circle. A landing port, I assume.

“However?” I yell as he slows our semi-wild wonderful ride.

“I believe you know the name Ra.”

“The Egyptian Ra?”

“Yes, Sh’raka, he is my uncle.”

Goddess! Can I say I love the way he says my supposed other-life name? So, yes, it takes me a moments to absorb his words also, but I say, “Oh.” Then, I utter, “Wow.”

Before me is a banquet of diverse races... that is, people, humanoids, of most every description I can think of. They are milling around the base of the Face on Mars, and are streaming inside.



The following week begins with the New Moon in Aries. With the world ruled by these cosmic energies there is likely to be a great increase in violence. Beyond the current horrific levels. This is true for land changes, political changes and on a personal level.

Also, being compliant will become a thing of the past for many of us on Earth. Tolerance for being manipulated, for being used and abused by the system, is coming to an end.

Sadly, those who are not aware of these rising tides toward human freedom, will be targeted as they serve the dictates of the ‘corrupt’ powers that be. It is advisable, at this point in history, to become a part of a good community, rather than to serve a master who is planning to betray you in the end.

This week, and the next six weeks is a time to grab all the good you can for yourself and your loved ones, while doing your best to avoid the massive attempts at deception aimed at humanity as a whole. In part, this means, making certain your household is prepared to withstand an emergency situation.

TRUTH is being blasted at us by the will of the Divine, and by the ‘will’ of those who are willing to know the truth. All levels of truth. As well, the ‘truth’ is being attacked as if it is the enemy, blasted by a high-tech smoke and mirrors campaign.

Look for ways to hunker down this week. The ‘coming global superstorm’ has arrived. Weather changes and social upheaval will become the norm.

This is true on the economic front, as well. Currently, there is a raging battle between three mafia-type elite groups who are responsible for the world’s *failing* monetary system. The consequences of this internal war is adding to the levels of violence, and will continue to do so. However, it is also bringing about the eventual downfall of all those who are corrupt.

On the positive side, this week is likely to bring a major surprise or two that will work in your favor. This can occur either in your personal life or on the world stage.

Trend wise, this week offers a look at the unfolding direction of future trends that are forming for the rest of year, and into the next decade. One of the biggest of these trends is HEALTH. Everything that contributes to health will become sought after. That is, good food, good water, good air. Also, natural therapies and medicines will begin to reign supreme. What has been called the health care system is crashing to the ground. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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