Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Release Day for - Elise's Dakota Cowboys

Hi everyone, it's finally release day for 


The third in my Sexual Meltdown sci-fi series of menages


When a persistent dream compels twenty-seven-year-old Elise Norton to buy a ranch house in South Dakota, she knows strange forces are at work. Just why has she had the same dream night after night for the past three years?
Sybar brothers Carter, Aaron and Brady Kennedy are the owners of the ranch house that Elise buys. The eldest, Carter, planted the dream in her head in order to lure her to South Dakota. A Sybar woman is exactly what they need in order to continue their line. However, they all underestimate the sexual power a Sybar woman has over a Sybar man, and they each want her for themselves.
Can the gorgeous and sexy Kennedy brothers convince her to stay? Or will their sense of sibling rivalry drive her away?

Read an Excerpt HERE

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