Monday, February 28, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #130

“A spin in a Vimana, oh, absolutely.” Am I bubbling so much inside that my feet hardly meet the floor.

“I believe you will see familiar sights, beautiful woman priestess.”

With a short bow, he sweeps his arm indicating I should proceed him. After a glance at the Heavenly One, and with his nod of approval, I walk, no basically I walk on air toward a tall archway.

Suddenly, I am standing on desert-type terrain, and around me is a red-sandy colored landscape that is oddly familiar, and not. There are flowering desert plants. Sorts of cactuses. And short trees with bare limbs that appear to have huge thorns.

“Wow,” I utter. I mean what do I say?

“Mars is recovering well.” Amen-Dhuroth moves beside me. His shadow is so tall I feel overwhelmed. “May I address you by the name of your first Atlantean incarnation?”

I blink rapidly for several seconds. I am stunned, to say the least. Yet... something about all this feels so right. “Of course. Whatever that name is.”

“Sha-Ralaka. Your formal name. I called you Sh’raka.”

“I like it.” In my head I savor the sound of the name while looking for any sense of that I remember it.

Giggles erupt unexpectedly. They become so uncontrollable, I hold my stomach. My eyes tear up. And, all I can think about are the lyrics to a song. So, I go with it. Why not? After all, everything is craziness, and becoming crazier by the second.

With a huge breath, I badly sing... Boom Shaka Laka, everybody on yer feet, da ladies in yer house feel complete, while the guys say Shaka Laka Boom Boom, come'on in everybody burn da room... boom boom Shaka Laka.

“Yes,” I hear moments later, “2012 is ramping up...Shaka Laka boom boom.”



For the following week, and several weeks afterward, ‘fire’ is likely to be one major theme around our beloved planet, Earth. Both, the destructive force of fire and the beneficial uses of fire.

Fire Rising in the Soul. The Fire and Fury of War Drums. The Fire and Ash of Land Changes. The Lightning Fire and Roaring Storms of Weather.

While the flames of anger escalate and race around the globe, our spiritual flames soar ever higher as humanity reaches for a golden age.

On a personal level, now is the time to use your Inner Wisdom. Take time to gaze at the reality around you. What actions do you need to take to remain safe, fed and warm? To care for all those you love, and those who love you?

At this time, new dimensions of love are being revealed, and felt. This new awareness of LOVE will be acted upon and begin to spread like an embracing wildfire.

To counter this LOVE, the dark force will release such a black cloud of evil it will appear to obscure the light of goodness. Divide and conquer, that will be the main strategy used against every strata of society. False enemies, false targets will be provided in such a convincing manner many will be fooled.

On the bright side, look for new alternative energy sources. On the horizon there are several that can transform our world toward THE GOOD. These new energy systems are not likely to be on the commercial market, however. It is more realistic to discover them by word of mouth.

On the trend scene, as has been mentioned, what is old is now new. Skills and crafts necessary for life in the 1800s are being revived. Take advantage of all the old timey knowledge available. Choose what suits you and go for it. There is a great deal of soul satisfaction to be had. And, in these times, such knowledge will become invaluable.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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