Wednesday, February 2, 2011


As a reader of erotic romance have you ever wondered about the wild women and, in my case, men who write those titillating, mind-blowing plots and sex scenes found in the best erotic romance books. Stories and scenes so sensuous and so erotic, they could only have been created by people who have or who've had wild sex lives. I know I did. That is until I wrote a series of interviews a couple years ago on such authors and posted them on my blog, Erotic Musings.

There were exceptions, like a gal that worked for six months in a bordello, but to my and apparently my readers surprise, the vast majority were pretty ordinary, somewhat boring people, albeit with talent and imagination. I know I'm that way. However, for me, writing is like living an alternate life.

Nevertheless, I thought, w
ouldn't it be interesting to write a story about the exception--the gal who had been around the block and was making a living recounting her memories. So I wrote Naked Research and yes (wink) I lived the life of not Kevin or Vince, but Rebecca. I also got a big kick out of Zoe, too. I titled it Naked Research because that's what our heroine did. She got naked and researched her new novel.

I hope you'll buy
Naked Research and even more, I hope you enjoy it.


Rebecca Roth, an author of erotic romance novels, writes from experience. Except her latest book is about something she has never experienced--a ménage a trois.

Seeking to expand her horizons, she visits a popular cocktail lounge and runs into Kevin MacCloud, a man’s man and a woman’s Lothario. Sparks fly between them. She wants him desperately, and the feeling is mutual, but she needs a second lover. Fortunately, Vince, his roommate with movie-star looks, is at home and willing to please.

Naked Research Available Tomorrow February 3rd

Available in: Mobipocket, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, EPUB

Price: $4.99 $4.49

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Patricia Green said...

Looks like a good book, Dee. Wishing you many sales!

Dee Dawning said...

Thanks Trish, Tomorrow we'll know.

She said...

Naked Research will now confirm what non-readers of menage and erotica have always thought. Oh, let them eat their hearts out. ;)
Congratulations on your newest work.