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Angelic Forecast ~ #128

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2014

The rose, in full bloom, landed in her palm. Sedona felt the prick of thorns as she gripped the stem in reaction. Transfixed by the radiant scarlet of the rose, she stared. Becoming lost in the spiral of gorgeous petals, she noticed the heavenly heady fragrance moments later, when it wafted inside her nostrils.

An appreciative sigh sang from her. Lifting the rose, Sedona inhaled its scent more deeply. Her eyelids drifted shut and she dreamily soared inside.

“Volcano,” she whispered, her lips brushing the petals.

My angel woman. His telepathic voice trembled her with desire.

Playing cupid? Sedona mentally teased her words though him.

My arrow is only for you. The image of his ready cock filled her mind’s eye.

Oh, my cupid, I want to stroke your wings. I want to kiss each feather tip. I want --

With a loud whoosh, Volcano’s powerful essence vortexed around Sedona. A firestorm of pleasure captured every inch of her body, and she moaned.

Yes, smolder me, you naughty cupid. Until I surrender to the launch of your boldest arrow.

Even as the scorch of orgasmic rapture seized her mound, and spiraled upward, Sedona felt herself lifted from the floor. Her carnal cherub carried her with his incredible force. Somewhere.

All Sedona knew was that she traveled light-fast through the ethers, as her molecules blissfully entwined with his. Yet, strange to her senses, she still felt the prick of the rose thorns.

Barely steady on her feet, Sedona heard, Your Valentine’s Day surprise, my woman.

The press of Volcano’s kisses covered her body like a phantom lover, as she blinked her eyes open. She certainly didn’t stand in the front room of their mountain cabin anymore.

“Oh, Volcano...” Hardly daring to believe it, Sedona gasped. With her hands flying to her throat, she murmured, “Straight out of Gone With the Wind. Like the plantation mansion of Tara.”

Sedona’s astonishment was an ecstasy unto itself, as she slowly turned, taking in the lavishly appointed ballroom. The crystal chandeliers and gilt-framed mirrors sparkled in afternoon’s sunlight. Dark red velvet drapes added to the room’s elegance, as did the taper candles waiting to be lit.

With her senses staggered, Sedona took her time, gazing at everything. How long ago had it been when she’d revealed her youthful, twenty-something dream to him?

They’d been in bed, cuddled in each other’s arms. She’d been leafing through an old magazine they’d discovered in a trunk. Inside were photos of a replica, pre-civil war southern mansion -- the exterior and the interior.

After her spontaneous gurgles of delight, Volcano had questioned her. Shoving away her sadness, Sedona had talked about her dream to create a back-in-time resort based on this period in time.

Do you like it? We cupids aim to please.

Maybe it should be Rhett instead of cupid. Sedona hugged herself, and knew her eyes shone with anticipation.

Before her mind’s eye, Volcano performed a rakish bow.

Are we dancing soon, Rhett Volcano?

Soon, my beloved. The Divine Council meeting is progressing well.

The pups? she asked, concerned about their two dogs.

In seconds, Aru and his mate appeared before her. After quizzical looks at her, they gave her doggie smiles, then began exploring.

Volcano’s ephemeral kiss touched her forehead, a temporary farewell. Your gown is upstairs, my Sedona, inside our bedroom.

With her heart lighter than air, and trip–trip tripping rapidly, Sedona rushed toward the splendid staircase. Reaching the first step, she raced upward, the rose still clutched in her hand.



During the following week, the true power of the heart will be unleashed. This will occur as an event or events on the world stage. And, it will likely occur on a personal level in a manner that cannot be ignored.

Even if this love demonstration in your life is not quite to your liking, welcome it nonetheless. For, it comes straight from the heart of the Divine. And, it belongs only to you. Be advised, all good things will emerge from this love experience, as well.

This week, everyone who wishes it, will feel the loving embrace of the Universe. From this point on, the heart power of the Universe wraps humanity, the Earth and all her inhabitants in a love embrace that cannot be broken.

As is most often the case, the opposite will also occur. Violence escalates on the world stage, and appears to be horrifically unmanageable. Sadly, these scenarios are being manipulated by the Dark Force bad guys who are angling for all out war.

Beware, and be discerning. Those with the slickest tongues will tell the biggest lies. THEY own the spotlight now, and will expect you to believe them.

Simultaneously, humanity’s desire for freedom is a golden blazing beacon that is lighting up the entire Earth. Choices will need to be made, at this time, by all of us. For, another 1776 is upon us. This time it is worldwide.

Let them eat cake, or feed them the staff and stuff of life, that is the crossroads we all face. To that end, do all you can to stock up. Those of you with green thumbs, grow food, and teach others. The ability to garden and farm is essential now. The ranching way of life is also crucial to our future.

And, that is the hot trend for this week. If you’ve ever had a deep yen for ranching, for that way of life, go for it. Now! Learn wherever and however you can. Get on a horse. Work on a ranch. Learn to be a cowboy and cowgirl for real.

Also, this is the week to watch the skies whenever there is an opportunity.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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