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Faith of the Heart ~ Write Touch Finalist!!

I'm pleased to announce that Faith of the Heart - Damaged Heroes Book 4 - is a contemporary series finalist in the Write Touch Readers Choice Awards! In my pre-published days, this story won both the Lone Star and Winter Rose writing contests!

Faith of the Heart
Damaged Heroes Book 4

By: Sandy James | Other books by Sandy James
Categories: Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, Women's Fiction
Word Count: 82,895
Heat Level: STEAMY
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Investigative reporter Joshua Miller has turned his back on life. Since cancer claimed his wife, he can't bring himself to write another story. Then he hears about a fascinating woman who piques his curiosity.

After being struck by lightning, Sarah Reid finds herself with a gift... and a curse. She can heal the sick and dying. She soon realizes that along with the special gift also comes danger to her own life. Feeling responsible for the death of her best friend, Sarah reasons that perhaps she has received the gift to make amends, no matter the personal cost.

Neither expects sparks to fly when they meet. Sarah discourages Josh's persistence in investigating her while he fights his attraction, refusing to acknowledge that she can truly save people.

Can Sarah break through Josh's stubborn cynicism and show him that miracles really can come true by leading him back to love?

Romance Writers of America's 2008 Lone Star Winner, 2008 Winter Rose Winner, 2008 Reveal Your Inner Vixen Second Place, and 2007 GOTCHA Third Place

"I get story ideas at the strangest times. Heroine Sarah Reid was born on a snowy Christmas Eve as I sat in church. Following the brilliant Stephen King's suggestion, I was engaging in the game of letting my imagination answer the question, 'What if?' As I waited for services to begin, I thought, 'What if someone really had the power to heal?'" ~Sandy~

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

6 Ratings
Avg - 4.7
Faith of the Heart
Faith of the Heart

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Price: $5.99

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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Trade Paperback $14.50

Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "Faith of the Heart is an unforgettable poignant read. I love the way the story cements the two characters together. Both souls ache within their hearts as they reach out for the other. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom as the concrete within their hearts slowly cracks and breaks away. I could relate to Josh in many ways. The ending captivated me. Sandy James creates in-depth characters that engage the reader. It was hard letting go once the story was finished. She captured the expressions of the players tremendously and I must admit, Josh and Sarah's first kiss was melting in this precious read." --Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance & More

5 BOOKS: "If you enjoy a book at bedtime make sure when you take this one upstairs with you, you don't have to go to work the following day, because, with few exceptions, Ms. James' smooth writing style will grab hold of you and not let you go until you've read the final page. Her characters will lure you into their world of conflict, grief, pain, laughter strength and humour, but most of all the strength of love. The love of one family, friends and new acquaintances, that is strong enough to overcome another family's betrayal. Misunderstandings, good intentions that backfire and kidnapping are a few of the ingredients that make this book such a good read. And, of course, the knowledge that Sarah and Joshua will finally achieve their own 'happy ever after'. Ms. James takes her readers on an emotional journey that will capture their hearts. Her smooth switches of point of view often lead you right into the heart of her characters, and there are plenty of supporting characters who all manage to inveigle their way into your heart without overpowering the heroine and hero." -- Fennel, Long and Short Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Ms. James outdid herself yet again! This story was very entertaining and the characters were carved out to be like everyday people we can all relate to. My heart went out to Josh and his daughter for the loss they were experiencing. I could feel their pain and suffering and I had hoped they were going to be able to work through it one way or another. I understood that Ross wanted to debunk Sarah as a genuine faith healer, but I had hoped that Sarah would prove them all wrong in the end. Ms. James' storylines are always creative and I love the twist and turns she embeds throughout each story she writes. This is an author you should keep an eye on because she's definitely going places! Well done, Ms. James!" -- Diana Coyle, Night Owl Romance

5 HEARTS: "Book 4 in the Damaged Heroes series by Sandy James is another blockbuster. I have come to expect it after reading the previous books in this series. The cast of players in this offering were totally different. They were all individuals who came together to give us a great story with an emotional plot. The highs and lows of this tender storyline gave readers the expected dose of James' magic. As usual with one of her novels, I couldn't imagine how a happily-ever-after could come from the story but I knew I would get one--somehow. This book had so much heartrending activity it was impossible to put it down. This definitely was not a predictable book. The sensuality was charged and tastefully done. The sizzle was there even though the circumstances were definitely unusual. I loved this book and highly recommend it. You will see why Sandy James has found her own special place on my "must-have" bookshelf." -- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

5 KISSES: "Sandy James brings a touching tale in Faith of the Heart. This is the fourth installment to the Damaged Heroes Series and this one really is sweet. Sarah feels her gift makes up for a death that happened a long time ago. She saves each person without personal gain in hopes she can make up for what she thinks of the life she took. Giving life takes a lot out of her. And it is slowly killing her to do it. Joshua is a reporter and jaded. He watched his wife die of cancer slowly and painfully. He and his daughter are all he feels he has left. He's given up on love and living life. Sarah brings him back to the living again. Now can he save her from herself? Faith of the Heart is a sweet touching read that I want to experience again and again. I hope Sandy James continues her Damaged Heroes Series. I for one would love to read more in the future." -- Tina, Two Lips Reviews

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Faith of the Heart is another heart warming, emotional read delivered by Sandy James, a highly talented author who knows how to create a connection between the reader and her characters. The combination of the unique plot and the very real feelings of grief and guilt grip you from the beginning. Touching on a subject not often portrayed and rendering it spectacularly, Ms. James makes every aspect believable. The journey of finding faith in others as well as within, the healing of emotional wounds, and of learning to love again, stands out beautifully in this touching story. I highly recommend this book as well as her others in the Damaged Heart series; they're treasures you'll enjoy again and again." -- Pamela Denise, Romance Junkies

4.5 RATING: "Faith of the Heart is Book Four of Sandy James's Damaged Heroes series. In this story, we revisit a few old friends as well as make some new ones. It is not necessary to have read the previous novels in this series to enjoy this story, but it may enhance the reading experience somewhat. I found this to be well-written and involving, a mixture of both sweet and sensual romance. Along with the interesting paranormal aspect of this novel, Faith of the Heart is a novel about a woman who must learn to love herself before she can move on with her life and accept the love of others. In this story, Ms. James addresses the painful issue of life in the aftermath of losing a loved one. Both Sarah and Josh have suffered losses that have left them emotionally scarred Sarah with a soul-deep sense of guilt and Josh with anger and resentment. Each clings to the past and needs the intervention of something earth-shattering in order to move on. Sarah has punished her body almost beyond its limits by healing people; Josh holds on to both a stone from his wife's graveside as well as his anger at the faith healer who fleeced her. It is only through these two coming together that they realize that they still have a future in spite of the tragedy they have suffered. As I have noted in the past, one of Ms. James's great strengths lies in her character development. This story is filled to the brim with vivid and believable characters, from our two main characters all the way down to the small supporting roles. Josh is overall a sympathetic character. He's a loving father, a thorough journalist, and is obviously bowled over by Sarah. Sure, he makes a few missteps and is sometimes clueless in a way that only a man can be, but there is no malice in his heart. Sarah believes whole-heartedly that she has been given her gift in order to make up for her past. Even though she pushes herself to the point of disaster, she doesn't give the impression of being a martyr. She's just someone who refuses to forgive herself. Yet even through her grey haze of sadness, she shows the occasional spark, and this keeps her from being a maudlin figure. Sarah's sister Hannah and her brother-in-law Doug fill the role of villain in this story, although calling them such may be a bit of a stretch. They are more annoyances than "bad guys." They are quintessential ne'er-do-wells and freeloaders, and the character Doug is almost comically so. Ms. James does an excellent job of making them individuals that readers can revile and boo and hiss at. This story is for the most part sweet and emotional. I certainly found myself sniffing a time or two, and then looking around to see if anyone on the bus noticed. The lovemaking scenes are sensual without being overtly graphic, and they fit comfortably into the rest of the narrative. While I had to suspend my disbelief a tiny bit in order to accept the fact that a thirty-year-old woman could be a virgin, the reasoning behind this is actually quite plausible, and while the contortions that Josh goes through in order to reconcile with Sarah may have felt like a little bit of a stretch, they were still entertaining. Any man who is willing to admit his errors in public like he does is definitely worth hanging on to. In all, I found Faith of the Heart to be involving and agreeable. I truly enjoyed the characters and their story, and I thought that the faith healing aspect was both unique and well done. Ms. James has definitely given us a treat with this story. Those who enjoy romance are bound to be pleased by this book." -- BD Whitney, BookWenches

4 STARS: "The sex scenes were passionate. They did not overpower the plot. The ending was sweet and hilarious. I recommend this!" -- Stephanie Rollins, BookreviewsRus

You Gotta Read: "I am so in love with the entire Damaged Heroes series. Faith of the Heart did not fail to amuse, captivate and enthrall me! Joshua Miler's character was incredibly moving. He had just lost his wife the year before and in all reality had ceased living. Sarah had lost someone extremely close to her and found herself blaming the only person she felt was responsible, herself. The instant attraction Joshua and Sarah had kept just enough sparks flying for me to rapidly turn the pages waiting to find out what happened next. The way Sarah was able to heal took my breath away. I thought the fact that Joshua had a teenage daughter made this book very relatable with very believable characters. This is truly a story about finding your hidden strengths. The ending was brilliant! This is a book that could be read on it's own but it was so wonderful to revisit the characters from some of the previous books. Ms. James never fails to bring the heroes that are less than perfect emotionally but make up for it in the deeply devoted way they treat the women they fall in love with. This is one author who writes a touching story with very real emotions and a romantic story line that will leave you craving more. I highly recommend not just book but the whole series to everyone who is a fan of an intelligently written novel that is enchanting, intriguing and just down right sexy!" -- Val, You Gotta Read Reviews

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