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Life With Baby Doll: Two Hearts Reunite

WARNING:  The links contained within this post will take you to sites with content for mature readers only.  However, this post is suitable for a PG audience.
In last week’s Life With Baby Doll installment, A Sensual Journey, I described a romantic cross-country motorcycle trip to the West Coast that John and I took during the spring of 1993.  In the fall of the same year, Baby Doll and I decided to visit the opposite side of the States, as we took a similar venture towards the Eastern Sea Board. What I remember most about each trip, wasn’t how many miles we traveled, or how many state lines we crossed, but the fact that we did it together.
Of course Interstate 40 East led us out of Little Rock, Arkansas, with a straight shot to the coast.  We visited Graceland in Memphis.  In Nashville, we saw the Ryman Auditorium (the former site of the Grand Ole Opry) during it’s renovations before it was opened as a museum in 1994.  The interstate continued through North Carolina, as we decided that state was just as good as any to travel the coast.  I don’t remember the names of all the little villages and fishing towns that we visited, but I do remember Baby Doll’s arms wrapped tightly around me, as I drove us through mists of cool sea air and past trees turning shades of orange and gold.
On our last night before heading home, I remember us walking along the coast in some little North Carolina town, oblivious to the world around us.  Barefoot in the moonlight, we played in the sea foam where it met the coastline.  Baby Doll thought it would be cute to toss water my way, drenching me in the process.  Of course he giggled, took off running, and I chased him in the dark.  I caught the sweet flamboyant boy a few hundred feet later, pulling him beneath me in the sand.  I could have made love to him there, and wanted to, except there were some other couples in the distance and a few sea side homes nearby.  Instead, I drove us back on the bike to our room at the small bed and breakfast inn, and spent the next two hours reminding him of the reason that we fell in love.
Alone in our room, I told John to shower first.  While he was in the bathroom, I remember lighting a few candles.  There were two rose buds in a vase by the side of the bed, and I crushed the petals, sprinkling them on the sheets.  Of course I am a romantic, always have been, and I find the more years that I spend with Baby Doll such feelings intensify.  The concept is amazing, as I remember thinking that night that I couldn’t be anymore in love with the gay baby naked in the next room.
After I finished in the bathroom, I found my lover curled beneath the white comforter.  I quietly joined him, blowing out the candles on the nightstand. Through the sheer curtains, there was enough moonlight, where I am sure that he could see the intentions in my green stare.  If he had any doubts, I am sure that the candlelight and rose petals had spoken for themselves.
The mind has a special way of recalling sweet and intimate memories, as I can still hear his whispered words of love, as his eyes looked up into mine. His eyes, a deep bedroom blue, darken a shade when his heart experiences passionate desire.  Not only did two bodies reunite that night, but so did the hearts of a dominate gay male and his Baby Doll.
To learn more about this series and find a recent list of archives visit:  Life With Baby Doll.  More will be added, as I continue to update my new Website. Due to the increasing popularity of these posts, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
I enjoy hearing from all of my readers, and look forward to your e-mails.  Remember Love is Love…Period.
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