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Life With Baby Doll: A Sensual Journey

WARNING:  The links contained within this post will take you to sites with content for mature readers only.  However, this post is suitable for a PG audience.

Earlier this week, I was out running some errands.  While stopped at a red light, a Harley pulled up beside me in traffic.  I saw something that one would not normally witness in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The male couple on the bike was openly gay.  How did I know?  Well let’s see…perhaps it was the fact that the  blonde-haired man in the passenger seat was cuddled too close to the driver.  Then I was completely convinced when I saw that same blonde kiss the back of the driver’s neck.  Smiling at their display of affection, I was reminded of the Harley that Baby Doll and I used to own almost twenty years ago.  Memories of a cross-country trip occupied my thoughts as I tried to navigate noon traffic.
When I arrived home, I told John what I  had witnessed, knowing that I would elicit that sweet smile.  He was remembering himself on a similar passenger seat, cuddled close to me, as I drove us out of Little Rock on Interstate 40 West.  Yeah, I like to drive motorcycles, particularly when I can feel the warmth of my partner against my back.
At the time I was nineteen and Baby Doll was twenty-seven, young and in love, at least four years before our first child made his entrance into the world.   Our trip took us to five states, as we made our way to the coast.  Since it was early spring, most nights we would sleep in motels right off the Interstate.  However one night, outside of Flagstaff, Arizona, we decided to sleep at a campground.  While Arizona has a desert climate, this also means that in certain areas temperatures can fall rather quickly at night.
I should  have known this, before I ever put Baby Doll in such a situation.  However he forgave me rather quickly, when I suggested that we cuddle in the same sleeping bag.  I won’t ever forget making love to  him that same night, as I held his body in my arms.  The passionate heat of our bodies, coupled with the fire we had built,  more than compensated for the change in temperature.
We did eventually make it to the coast, a romantic location right outside of Malibu, California.  I think it was called, El Matador Beach.  Parts of it were ruggedly romantic, with rock formations.  We arrived almost at sunset (yes, I was smart and checked the tide times), so I wouldn’t put Baby Doll in danger of drowning as we explored some of the sea caves and secluded coves.  Before we left, we let the tide carry our message in a bottle.  Guess it was lost at sea, or maybe fate allowed it never to be found.  Throughout the years, I’ve thought about that bottle, as I wondered where it’s journey had taken it.  Just like the bottle, our love has weathered its own journey.
Watch for next week’s Life With Baby Doll installment as I discuss our journey to the East Coast.
To learn more about this series and find a recent list of archives visit:  Life With Baby Doll.  More will be added, as I continue to update my new site. Due to the increasing popularity of these posts, I have created the permanent tab on my Website that contains information concerning the intense and passionate love affair that I share with my partner, John Jericho.
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