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Paranormal with a Steamy Twist

Siren-Bookstrand published Steam Toys, a paranormal story with strong steampunk elements. If you’re in the market for a cute and sexy ménage novella, pick up your copy of Steam Toys.

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An overdose of steam tosses a disgruntled ghost back into the present. A successful brothel owner in her former life, Heidi Labeidi materializes in front of Edward Brady, an eccentric mad scientist.

Edward and Heidi become acquainted. He takes her out in public and discovers a shocking truth. No one else can see her. After a public catastrophe, Edward’s partner, Barron Capwell, shows up on his doorstep making demands. Relieved to discover his partner can see his houseguest, Edward considers what to do with the outspoken dead madam.

Heidi has a few ideas. A ghost is pretty assertive after thirty sexless years have come and gone.

Eager to please Edward and Barron, Heidi offers her assistance, but it comes at a price. Once the men realize she’s the only thing standing between their future and potential demise, Barron and Edward succumb to Heidi’s advances and she fulfills their every desire.


Las Vegas, 2010

Heidi Labeidi, the controversial proprietor of The Love Parlor, a popular gentleman’s club on the outskirts of Las Vegas, was reported missing yesterday morning at five o’clock.

Miss Labeidi’s bar manager, Stan Graves, returned from a two-week European holiday and discovered disgruntled staff members and inner company chaos. According to Graves, Miss Labeidi had been acting “somewhat peculiar” in recent months, spending less time at The Love Parlor and relying on her staff to make deposits and handle customer relations.

Graves became concerned after he discovered Miss Labeidi had not visited the gentleman’s club in over a week. Mr. Graves stopped by Miss Labeidi’s luxurious loft in Las Vegas, let himself in, collected over a week’s worth of mail, and discovered her cat near death.

According to Graves, Miss Labeidi has few enemies but has been noted for her outrageous spending habits. She’s a suspected drug user and frequents the casinos whenever she isn’t working. Graves said recent mysterious behavior concerned several of the women working for The Love Parlor. Employees contributed Miss Labeidi’s mood swings to menopause, stating Miss Labeidi’s change-of-life experiences were often intolerable.

Based on findings at Miss Labeidi’s home, police are treating this as a missing persons case and remain optimistic. Individuals with information about Miss Labeidi’s last known whereabouts are asked to contact the authorities as soon as possible.

* * * *

Heidi glared at the open newspaper spread across her antique dining room table. Oh what she’d give to choke Stan Graves with her bare hands!

Stan not only arranged her disappearance, but he’d taken over her club, her home, and even had the audacity to place Rocks, her beloved Persian cat, at the foot of her bed while he romanced one hopeful starlet after another. The poor thing must’ve been terribly traumatized!

To add insult to personal injury, “those girls” who’d reportedly mentioned her mood swings—which she’d never experienced—were now laid up in her king-size bed fucking the man she’d once loved.

Heidi plotted her revenge. Retribution tasted bitter until a woman dished up a hearty serving for the man most deserving of a provoked female’s retaliation. Heidi would carefully plan a counterblow, and when Stan least expected avengement, she’d propel some fundamental disgrace his way and watch the light dim in Stan’s smug face!

No one—not even Stan Graves—held the power to destroy what she’d worked years to build. If Stan needed a change of pace, he shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble. Heidi would’ve gladly knocked him back down to nothing where he belonged.

She narrowed her gaze on the article again. The boldness of those Las Vegas Tribune reporters! How could they do this and get by with it? To think the last thing anyone in Las Vegas would remember about her was that she was going through the change of life. Bah!

She’d let them see a new woman. Yes indeed, she’d show them what happened to those who messed with Heidi Labeidi. She’d prove her point all right, just as soon as she figured out how to let folks know she was still among the living.

That presented a slight problem. Technically, she was now considered a ghost, and death wasn’t exactly easy to overcome.

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