Thursday, May 31, 2012

Release Day for Strictly Business

Book 3 in the Stud Service Series: Four sisters are forced to find a stud to get them pregnant or lose their fortune. Will time run out or will they find the stud they have been looking for?

Strictly Business:

As an heiress to a Texas oil baron, Susannah Gibson’s future is secure. A hefty trust fund has allowed her to live out her dreams and pursue every desire of her heart but one. All that money got in the way of finding love. She had a collection of fortune hunters that could stretch the length of Texas, but she wouldn’t settle for anything less than love.
Susannah needs a suitable stud fast. Time is running out for her parents' ultimatum—give them grandchildren or lose her trust fund.
Some guys have all the luck. On a business trip to the Caribbean, Colt Vance is propositioned by a beautiful woman, every guys’ dream date. Red. Hot. Sex. No strings attached. The problem? The more he knows about her, the more intrigued and less willing he is to keep things strictly business and let her go at the end of their bargain.

10% off until June 7th

In addition to the book release I am running a giveaway on my Facebook fanpage to say thank you. I have reached 100 likes and plan to give away a copy of Book 1 - Strictly Professional to one lucky commenter. I am going to be gifting it from the Siren website. Go here to sign up and don't forget to like the page to stay updated with my newest projects. :)

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