Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is it really possible to keep things Strictly Business?

I am very excited to see Strictly Business has finally pre-released for advance orders on the Siren Booksite. It was the brainchild of four of us Siren authors and came out of a lot of emails and one very fun afternoon lunch where we came up with the idea that four sisters would have an ultimatum of getting pregnant or they would be flat broke.

They are all very smart, intelligent women that have focused on their careers and not their hearts.

But even with this kind of ultimatum, they think they can get out of marriage if they can just find a stud willing to help them make a baby. This is far from the truth.

When it comes to my body, it is difficult to keep my heart out of it. So, I couldn't picture the heroine I was writing (Susannah) any other way. She may be headstrong, and logical like a scientist almost always is, but she still believes in romance at heart. She believes in love and really needs to be loved for who she is, not because of her family's fortune and who her daddy is.

I have to admit that I loved writing this book, it was really fun and it makes it that much more exhilarating to see that it has finally made it out to the general public. :) Yay me!

Anyway, in case you missed it on the release day, this is a little more about the book:

As an heiress to a Texas oil baron, Susannah Gibson’s future is secure. A hefty trust fund has allowed her to live out her dreams and pursue every desire of her heart but one. All that money got in the way of finding love. She had a collection of fortune hunters that could stretch the length of Texas, but she wouldn’t settle for anything less than love.
Susannah needs a suitable stud fast. Time is running out for her parents' ultimatum—give them grandchildren or lose her trust fund.
Some guys have all the luck. On a business trip to the Caribbean, Colt Vance is propositioned by a beautiful woman, every guys’ dream date. Red. Hot. Sex. No strings attached. The problem? The more he knows about her, the more intrigued and less willing he is to keep things strictly business and let her go at the end of their bargain

You can get your copy 10% until June 7 here:

Stud Service Series
Book 1 - Strictly Professional by Sandy Sullivan

Book 2 - Strictly Accountable by Tonya Ramagos

Book 3 - Strictly Business by Missy Lyons

What do you think? Is it possible to keep things strictly business or do you agree with me that it's hard to separate sexual attraction from the heart? Usually with my characters anyway, once the characters act out their sexual attraction, their hearts tend to follow soon after. For me, it's hard to separate sex from love. They go hand in hand together.

It's like strawberries just taste better when dipped in chocolate.

Lots of love,
Missy Lyons

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