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Angelic Forecast ~ #195

"Hyper-dimensional physics as the one you know as Richard Hoagland would label it. It is an energy field that can be used to manipulate the minds of everyone present. Actually, the field has various uses."

"It's a worldwide broadcasting system for evil, isn't it?" I ask, as the knowing seizes my very being.

"Yes, my Sh’raka. That is the plan. However, as I spoke, there is a battle between the Good forces and the dark ones being waged for ultimate control of this universal broadcasting system."

"And that's where a stargate bridge from Mars, pyramid to pyramid... oh, I'm lost. Except if any worldwide mind-bending is to be done, why not for the sake of Good?"

"Precisely, my one. Once your energy completes the stargate between the pyramids that will assist the Good forces."

"Oh." I tremble, both with fear and excitement. Could I really be a link, a link between Mars and Earth?

Dhuroth reaches for my hand, enfolding it tenderly within his. "My beautiful woman, I will speak my earlier words to you. 'Your energy is of the Earth yet now your energies are beyond Earth.'"

My lion man draws me closer, and his gaze captures my soul. "You are the connection, my beloved. Your compassionate heart is the bridge of good that is required to create the stargate bridge."



The TIME OF ACTIVATION is here. The following week is about activating the extraordinary in everyone. For at this time, heavenly frequencies rain down on humankind like a superstorm. These diamond-sparkling energies will only continue, and will be adjusted to assist each one of us as future challenges unfold.

On the personal front, there is a raging thirst within your being to live anew, to create your life differently. Drink in these 'activating' frequencies by mentally accepting this gift from the Divine, and you will discover new trails to blaze. This is also the time to look at your personal genetic roots, to draw strength from your ancestors and your ancestral culture -- every heritage within you.

On the paranormal front, hold onto your hats for the next several months. There will be an 'explosive volcanic eruption' of new information and truth. That is, if you keep an eye on the alternative media sites. This is *one* reason every effort is being made by 'those' across the world, who are allied with the military industrial complex, to shut down freedom on the internet. As well, they are centralizing their control over the brain-drain media even more than before.

On the economic front, all hell breaks loose in several financial arenas. 'Hell, no! We won't pay' will become the mantra in several countries that have been diabolically driven to the edge. The resistance to the bankster gangster regime is on, and gaining strength on the home front, as well as in many European nations. Within the next two weeks, the dollar will likely take a beating after being propped up. To counter the public's fear of a bank run, there will be some 'moves' by the evil powers-that-be to improve certain sectors of the economy while belittling anyone who tells the truth.

On the truth front, during the month of June 'truth' comes down on humanity like Thor's hammer. At the same time, the fierce and righteous dragon energy of 2012 spins around evildoers, revealing them for all to see.

On the AWAKENING front, a huge shift in AWARENESS occurs this week. This is most easily observed by how the global controllers react. Watch where and how 'they' tighten the noose on humanity. For, that will be the 'awareness' the soulless ones battle. Meanwhile, resistance to any form of tyranny continues to rise across the globe. The word 'freedom' sings from the hearts and souls of many, and this energetic symphony surrounds each one of us -- and surrounds Mother Earth.

On the war front, likely several surprise events will occur during the next two months as war-machine pieces are moved on the global chessboard by both the demonic side and the angelic side. This is a reflection of the intensifying war in the heavens between Good and evil -- as is the massive sightings of UFOs that have been occurring worldwide for the last several years.

On the food front, with an heirloom food revival happening across our beloved country, the giant corporations will be using their 'brute muscle' to shut it down. One of the best strategies is to ignore any 'insane' dictates. Keep saving and trading seeds on a local basis, and create an 'underground' community as fast as possible. Heirloom seeds are the future.

On the land changes front, due to the energies being fired by the sun, volcanoes are being activated on a large scale. More and more eruptions are taking place in the depths of the oceans. Also, predictions are being made for major earthquakes from this point until mid-September. As well, more superstorms are on the way. Beware, take care, and as always, prepare.

On the really bad news front, like mountains tumbling into the sea 'what was' is coming down from this point onward. This is due to the global machinations of the dark side, as well as the new vibrations of the Aquarian Age. Catastrophes loom for the rest of the year, both natural and manmade. It's time to bring forth your fortitude, your strength of character, and take care of yourself and your precious loved ones.

Trendwise, at this juncture, with the crackdown on weapons' ownership, and the planned elimination of the second amendment, a new class of entrepreneur will rise, and fast. They will invent and sell innovative weapons systems far superior to what exists currently. There will be no shortage of buyers.

From the prior forecast: "The following week will be explosive ~ from actual explosions to explosive events taking place all over the world. For, the human spirit will no longer tolerate any form of enslavement." ~ Followup note: While actual explosions took place in several areas, they were below the news radar of most people. The real explosiveness was in the stunning amount of hidden truths revealed last week.

This week take a look at yourself. What can you give yourself or do for yourself that would be a treat? As well, treat others to something fun and entertaining.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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