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Angelic Forecast ~ #155

“You cannot return to Earth as soon as had been scheduled. There is an unexpected and major shift in energies.”

I hesitate, and my breathing stops for an instant as I let his news sink in, as I let my soul read his words. And, I realize. “That means ‘not’ good news for everyone on Earth.”

“For right now, as history plays out, no, it is not good news, my one.”

“Space weapons,” I say, seeing images form before my mind’s eye.

“Yes, my beloved, many are being positioned by those on the dark side. Some are being used, and will be used in the near future.”

Once again, I shiver violently inside both with my intuitive ‘knowing’ and with fear. “Isn’t there some way to ask the benevolent extraterrestrials...” I stop my words at the gentle squeeze of his hand.

“All of us assist as we are able. We will continue. Earth and her people, all of her people, are most beloved.”

I almost choke on my next words, swallowing hard. “It doesn’t feel that way... that we are beloved. At least, I don’t feel it. Not as an emotional reality.”

“I know, my precious woman. For many now, it cannot be felt as a sweet and sustaining energy. This is necessary...”

“Necessary!” I interrupt as everything inside me burns at the injustice. “Why?”

My lion man turns at the waist to face me. His expression is one of great pain. “I hear the cry of your soul, Sh’raka. Your tears form from the well of your large compassionate spirit. And, that is why you were selected to be on Earth at this time of tribulation.”

“Oh,” I moan my despair. Tears drip from the corner of my eyes. “But, why can’t I ‘feel’ the Divine anymore? Why have I felt so abandoned?”

His gaze encompasses me, offering the love of his spirit. It is golden, a warm blaze I feel on my skin. Then his divine love seeps deeper, and tenderly wraps every place inside me.

“Undercover,” he rumbles. “You are one of the undercover operatives, to use a term from your Earth.” He pauses, studying my face. “At this point in time, it will not harm the future to tell you, to explain.”

A sudden darkness envelopes us, and my lion man sweeps me from my camel, and into his arms. “The moon has gone out. And the sun leave us.”

He sounds serious, not poetic. “Gone out?”

“Ah yes, our moon, Deimos, as it is called on Earth, was designed like an enormous lamp. The reflection shell can be turned off at our will.” His lips brush my forehead, and he cuddles me closer. “Have no fear, I see exceptionally well in the dark. We are in no danger.”

Of course, that doesn’t answer my other question. Why was Deimos turned off?



The themes for this week are ‘downfall’ and ‘rising up’. For, the time of the Great Purification is here.

Whatever is GOOD will be ‘rising up’ at this time, especially in your personal life. Grab GOOD with both hands, don’t let go, and keep an eye out for more.

For the following week, know that many of those known as world leaders are in the process of falling from grace. This ‘fall’ accelerates to fast forward, as who they truly are, is revealed more and more to the people. Look for the expected and the unexpected in this long period of ‘downfall’, which will continue through January 2012.

As well, during this long period, there will be ‘downfalls’ in your personal life wherever your integrity is lacking. All around you, at this time, humanity will be in the same boat. Individuals will be facing those areas of their life that are not up to par, and need to be changed in accordance with their higher nature.

However, a word of caution. Real discernment is required at this time. What could look like a ‘downfall’ situation to you, and to society -- perhaps someone you know becomes homeless -- may not be. More likely it is just the opposite, and the situation is ‘revealing’ those who are of poor moral character, and need to be lawfully dealt with.

Think of this time as the dead wood of your life being cleared away. This will be occurring in your personal life and in the world at large. It is advised that you look carefully at your life, and at how you relate to others. For, this is the perfect opportunity to make the changes you want most, and move forward with those you love the most.

As humanity enters the last dramatic flip-flopping influences of the Piscean Age, long-kept secrets will be dropping like hailstones on our heads. Some of these ‘secrets’ will be vital for our personal well being, and for the well being of society. For many, these revelations will bring a breath of fresh air, especially to all those who value the truth.

However, some of these leaked ‘secrets’ will be mammoth hoaxes designed to control the people into believing lies. This is because ‘those’ on the dark side have decided to bring about a state of hardcore martial law. Their determination can be compared to the ‘berserker raiders’, since they will stop at nothing to achieve their endgame, complete tyranny over humanity.

Trendwise, think ‘beautiful worlds’ and ‘rise of the renegades’. Both of these trends have been introduced before. However, now is the time to create ‘beautiful worlds’ in whatever manner of artistic expression you choose. Also, as the Rise of the Renegades continues, this will become an increasingly popular theme. The renegades, the legendary heroes and heroines of ye olden times who helped folks, will be resurrected. Also, new characters will be created.

A trend to be aware of, is the ‘eventual’ decimation of the health care system, and the fall of the insurance industry. Many hospitals will collapse and fail in the next year’s time. In the meantime, they will often provide abominable care while ‘keeping up appearances’. Good health care, as it has been, will become less and less available, except for those with the means to pay for it. It is advisable to practice prevention and become part of a community where natural health care is the norm.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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