Monday, August 15, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #154

Is the pain worth it? Only to know our time is short together. Would it have been easier to bear...

“No,” he answers my thoughts. “No,” he repeats, his tone firm. Yet, I hear his desperation to be with me.

Oh, Goddess, I moan silently.

Of course, the old famous film, Casablanca, comes to the forefront of my mind. Yeah, I’m supposed to give up any shot at happiness by playing out my life’s role, all for the sake of saving humanity, the Earth.

Damn. Double damn. Triple to quadrillion damn.

Sure, that’s what I wanted to do with my life. Give up love. Give up the man who trips all my triggers in the most beautiful and fierce ways... hell... and double hell.

True, I hadn’t even been aware of his existence. At least, not consciously... until now... and now what?


The way he speaks my name electrifies every woman-fiber of me. I feel as if I am suddenly bathed in splendor, as if stars live inside me, and dance around my being.

“Amen-Dhuroth.” His name emerges from between my lips as my sweetest desire, and as desire unfulfilled.

I find myself reaching for his hand, even though he is not facing me. The moment he reaches back, extending his hand, I feel it before I see the opening of his palm. My breath hitches at his man’s invitation.

We clasp our hands, and I am reminded of birds winging together, touching, and settling close against each other. “Good news, my woman,” he rumbles in his lion-like timbre.

Joy vibrates his deep voice. Immediately, hope soars inside me. Yet, there’s been tons of disappointment in my life, so my emotions plunge in the next moment.

“What? What is it?” I ask.

“You cannot return to Earth as soon as had been scheduled. There is an unexpected and major shift in energies.”

I hesitate, and my breathing stops for an instant as I let his news sink in, as I let my soul read his words. And, I realize. “That means ‘not’ good news for everyone on Earth.”

“For right now, as history plays out, no, it is not good news, my one.”

“Space weapons,” I say, seeing images form before my mind’s eye.

“Yes, my beloved, many are being positioned by those on the dark side. Some are being used, and will be used in the near future.”



‘Renewing and letting go’ is the theme for this week. The coming week also initiates two forces that will reign from this point forward. One force is the LOVE now arriving from the Higher Realms. Humanity, as a whole, is being invigorated in several new, and unexpected ways.

Know, dear ones, that a time of ‘ending and beginning’ is upon humanity -- as has never occurred before. Know, too, that intense emotions will surface in you and around you. The muddy waters of who we are as human beings, is being vigorously stirred up by the Universe for the ultimate GOOD of All.

This ‘stirring up’ will be noticed especially in personal relationships. Just as Earth, herself, is in a long period of realignment, or land changes, so our one-on-one relationships are now being realigned on a mass scale.

Currently, the essence of ‘real’ community is being formed for the future, and being ‘in tune’ with your love partner is of prime importance -- as is being in true harmony with your friends and those you rely upon, and those who rely upon you.

This is also a time of deepening your vows of love with THOSE who belong with you, whether this is expressed verbally, or are simply feelings from your heart. Often, these individuals, who belong with you, will be from what is sometimes called your soul family.

Economic warfare is the OTHER FORCE that will dominate at this point in history. There will be an escalation of financial oppression worldwide, and ‘those’ on the dark side will remain front and center on the world stage as they attempt to rule humanity.

There is a lineup of helter skelter events being initiated, and planned, to bring humanity to its proverbial knees. As well, the belief in scarcity is being forced upon the people by every form of inhumane propaganda, and by advanced methods of mind control.

What will also be ‘noticeable’ this week, if you peek behind the scenes, is the mafia-like war that is ongoing between ‘those’ who consider themselves to be above the common people, those who justify their acts of tyranny.

In the near future, there is likely to be pinnacle event that illustrates this ‘big corp’ soulless war. Regardless, it will look like insanity has taken over. Be prepared for the resulting emotional upheaval that is ahead.

Trendwise, now is the time to recognize and bring forth your individual gifts, those precious and beautiful desires of your soul. For, this is what the world needs most now. People need you, and what you individually have to offer.

Contemplate, also, these words of wisdom from Catherine Austin Fitts, “Shunning is the most powerful force on Earth.”

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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