Sunday, August 7, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #153

“Truth.” I whirl inside, and feel somewhat dizzy. My hands find his chest, and I cling without thought. “Truth might as well be a mountain falling on top of me.”

His hand smooths over my back, soothing me. Simultaneously, I feel the hardening of his body, his man’s desire for me.


“What have I done?” I murmur my sudden agony. “I’m caught between heaven, and having to return to hell.” My eyelids flutter, but still remain shut.

“Pure hell,” I say for emphasis.

“Without you, yes. It has been agony.”

I feel his words, as he feels them. For moments, we are in a cocoon where nothing exists except our thoughts of each other. Our remembrance of love.

Tenderly, he mentally disengages, then draws away from me. It’s as if I have been cut in half. Yet there is a deep knowing inside me that I must accomplish the rest of my human mission on Earth. Whatever that is. Because I’m not certain.

Truth, I have no idea. I simply know there’s more I must do.

For now, my camel follows his, and we amble along the garden path, a jungle of flowers surrounding us. The thump, thump of my heart is loud in my ears. My gaze remains on the incredible shape and strength of his back. On the super masculine way he moves... on...

I see a faint red disc rise in a sky that is now stained with vermillion and indigo light. As it ascends and accelerates into flight, I ask, “What’s that?”

“Most likely it is Pierth, the oldest son of the Regent. He’s traveling for a night of pleasures in our nearest large city.”

“Night of pleasures.” The words burst out, their significance hitting home once I’ve said them.

Immediately, I shiver with want, then flush with extreme heat. Simultaneously, Amen-Dhuroth’s body tenses and his back becomes rigid, a gorgeous incomparable sculpture.

My Lion Man does not turn toward me, though, and his camel continues its leisurely pace. I wonder if he regrets coming to me when Volcano brought me to Mars.

Is the pain worth it? Only to know our time is short together. Would it have been easier to bear...

“No,” he answers my thoughts. “No,” he repeats, his tone firm. Yet, I hear his desperation to be with me.

Oh, Goddess, I moan silently.



The theme for the following week, and for the next month’s time, is DUCK and COVER. This means emotionally, financially, and in certain circumstances, for real.

This is because the BAD GUYS AND GALS are coming out of the closet in droves. Like a horde of starving super zombies, this way wicked now comes. The dark side is loosing its minions upon the world, upon those of us who stand for and by GOOD.

Worldwide, there will be massive upheaval. Rioting increases dramatically. Catastrophic weather events will soon become the norm. And ferocious civil wars are likely to break out in several areas across the globe.

Also, ‘those’ who are called rulers and leaders will find that ‘the people’ are demanding they cede power. Often, this will not be a pretty or tame scenario. If you are a world traveler, take care. Problems can erupt overnight.

Like a serene lake struck by a fierce thunderstorm, the bottom debris is being brought to the surface. At this time, everything evil is being revealed. It is your individual choice how to respond. It is your choice to ‘see’, or not to ‘see’. To know, or not to know.

What about something GOOD you ask? This will be in how you relate to your family and friends during the following week. It is now more important than ever to form close or closer bonds with those of like mind, and with your loved ones. Discuss and decide on strategies that will benefit all of you in the near future. This is absolutely crucial.

At this point in history, ‘reality’ is in a state of severe flux, and the clash of the Titans is here. It is truly Good versus Evil. Soon, many who are living in a cocoon they label ‘reality’, will be cast into the streets of ‘truth’. They will either join the Grand Awakening of humanity, or most likely perish.

On the good side, Magick as a true force is here, once again. Tune in. Go with the flow. Let your ancestral memories surface, and follow your Inner Guidance.

In the future, there will be those known as Shadow Warriors. They will keep their identities hidden, and act on behalf of the people. Their time begins now.

However, it is up to every individual to stand against the rising tide of corruption and darkness. For, without that, nothing will change, except to become exponentially worse for humanity.

Trendwise, the fictional creation of beautiful worlds will feed the souls of many who crave such beauty now, and those who are trapped in terrible circumstances. If your imagination conjures up beautiful worlds, whether fantastical, far away or contemporary, now is the time to bring them forth through art, stories and music.

This week, and from this point forward, double your purchases of food and necessities, as you are able.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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