Monday, July 25, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #151

My lion man gives me a slow devastating smile. I adore the glints in his eyes, and smile in return. “Currently, Phobos serves as a waystation and observes incoming traffic.” He pauses. “Disguised as moon, of course.”

“Disguised,” I parrot, once my voice returns, and I my brain clicks on again. “For primitive cultures just exploring space?”

“And, for far distant enemies who constantly send probes. There is a ruthless side to many intergalactic cultures. It is not all beneficent and loving, despite the Galactic Federation.”

“Yes. A constant discussion among UFO researchers and enthusiasts. Good aliens versus the bad aliens. Angels or demons. Or, similar to us. That is, like human beings.”

Suddenly, I notice large vines with hot pink blossoms seem to be following us. Even though, they twine ever closer, my steady trusty camel doesn’t seem fazed by the creeping foliage.

Amen-Dhuroth rumbles a chuckle, a knowing sound. “They are called Heart Followers, my Sh’raka.” He twists at the waist to regard me. As usual, I am mesmerized by the intensity, the sorcery of his gaze. Benign his expression, yet so powerful, I feel like a bird who has no desire to wing away, even if a giant lion is stalking me.

“Heart Followers?” I ask, and manage to tear my gaze away. No hardship, since the blooms are incomparably gorgeous.

“The vine only blooms when there is enough heart energy between a man a woman.” My Lion Man devours my face with his gaze. His camel sidles closer, and our thighs brush, the friction causing a lusty heat to radiate through me.

I ask the inane question that springs to the forefront of my mind. “How much heart energy?”

At that instant, a fragrance -- sweetly lush and bewitching -- gardenia mixed with rose -- spirals around me like a caressing breeze.

Moments later, I notice he has not answered. Instead, he holds one of the blossoms in his palm. The size of his hand, the flower unfurls slender velvety petals... all in delicious slow motion.

“Escape,” I whisper. “I wish I could escape to here forever.”

“You will, my woman.”

“But not now.” I speak long moments later. Our camels have halted. There is a soft wind ruffling my Lion Man’s magnificent mane of hair. “Not for far too long.”

“Yes, far too long.” He pauses. “This bloom is my heart for you.”



For the following week, it will seem like a year’s worth of events takes place. In a way that will be true. Right now, time is compressed as Earth, and the solar system, spin closer to the galactic center.

Truth, the truths hidden from humanity, will slam home faster than ever, and slam home with such force it will feel like getting smacked between the eyes. This continues for the rest of year, 2011.

Because of this, the global AWAKENING becomes a flashfire several times over, causing all of us to soar ever higher. Look for an increase of miracles in your personal life, as well as grand miracles worldwide.

THOSE on the dark side now crouch in fear, and fight to survive with acts of reprehensible violence aimed at dividing humanity against itself. Sadly, these forthcoming acts of soulless cruelty, are designed to be spotlighted on the world stage. They will also be relentless, and disguised as a series of racial and religious attacks.

This week’s theme will be ESCAPE. Given the rapid breakdown of the worldwide economy -- and the constant media fear-mongering -- the desire to escape will sweep through the hearts and minds of humanity.

Escape will be through any kind of entertainment venue -- TV, movies, music, books, electronic games, and social networking. Also, escape through the use of drugs, prescription and illegal, will see a dramatic increase.

This escape from reality, like everything in our world, is a double-edged sword. Escape as a dependence/addiction serves no one. While, escape for a time through reading, travel, or entertainments, is a vacation for the mind, and very healthy for the soul.

Trendwise, a modern version of the speakeasy will ‘seemingly’ pop up overnight, and remain, for the most part, in the underground. Much of the now rising, off-the-grid economy will revolve around this type of entertainment. Also noticeable, will be an angelic influence on products. This new influence sweeps on sweet swings over Mother Earth to bring forth a greater spiritual awareness.

Do whatever is necessary to stay cool enough this week, and help others whenever you can. Just make certain they mean you and your loved ones no harm.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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