Monday, July 11, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #149

“Oh. I’m stunned by all this to say the least. Still, if humans were supposed to be servants, slaves... why an enhanced intellect?”

“For the same reason there are intelligent machines. Or, what is being called AI, artificial intelligence.”

The lightbulb moment occurs. “ Humans were designed to be switched off at will. Just like machines.”

“Yes,” he answers solemnly. “By the demon race and their cohorts.”

I shake my head, as if I’m able to rattle all the pieces of what I’ve learned together. Still, the whole picture eludes me.

“It will take time to understand, and there is no rush.” His gaze envelops me, tender, intense, while the depths of his eyes smolder, his desire for me obvious.

“Time doesn’t seem to be on my side,” I say. “Especially with the Quickening, with 2012 looming.”

“So it seems.” He smiles, the beneficent lion, and I swoon inside.

Firmly grasping my hand, Amen-Dhuroth turns and leads me toward a romantically styled arch. I gaze around me, spellbound. The beauty of the garden is like a song my soul wants to hear. No, longs to hear.

“Camels,” I say in surprise. Although, the Mars camels don’t entirely resemble the camels on Earth. They’re white, with sleeker frames and larger eyes.

Amen-Dhuroth seizes my waist, and without hesitation, swings me astride the slightly smaller camel.

“I’ve never ridden...” I begin to say, but his hand covers my thigh.

“You ride horses. Besides, Miris will make certain you remain aboard her.”

“Miris, is it?” I lean forward, and give her long neck a pat. At the same time, my lion man strokes his hand from my thigh. His deliberate caress shivers all my timbers, and I feel all sexily tempted inside.

In one bound, Amen-Dhuroth leaps astride his camel. His speed amazes me, and I stare. He meets my gaze, male satisfaction gleaming in his eyes.

“This isn’t desert,” I murmur.

“Camels were around before deserts.” His tones teases while his voice strokes me. So it feels.

To get my mental bearings, and calm my desire for him, I look around. The oasis like landscape is colored by the first rays of sundown. Enchanted, I take a deep breath, and it’s as if I’m drawing it all into my being.

“Where are we?” I ask a moment later. The Face on Mars is nowhere in sight.



For the following two weeks, look for the world as a whole to change drastically. That is, power structures that have been kept hidden in the shadows, will now emerge. These once-secretive groups will begin to demonstrate their raw-power takeover of society.

To the GOOD these ‘takeover’ plans will be disrupted in ways that are totally unexpected by THEM. This will occur because of Divine Intervention, and by the will of the people.

At this time in history, the WILL of the people becomes a new force. There is a coalescing of humanity’s heart, and this AWAKENING, this harmonious song of the human spirit spreads throughout the world, and touches everyone.

Humanity’s highest destiny awaits. What you do on an individual level, and how you participate in your life will either bring this destiny closer, or shove it away. That is your power.

That is your power everyday. And, it can be as simple as a smile, or hugging someone who needs it.

Using your power can also be as brave and complex as standing up for yourself and others, whenever it is right, and despite all the odds. This is the MIGHT that those on the dark side cannot withstand. Ultimately.

From this point forward, what will begin to shine forth is the fierce and uncompromising spirit of THOSE who cherish freedom. There will be no ‘one’ leader in humanity’s move toward freedom. For, everyone is a leader in the Aquarian Age.

There is another vital aspect to the upcoming week. Money is likely to take center stage at times. This focus will be a double-edged sword for many in the current economy. While money has served as a medium of exchange for this modern age, this is about to change in fundamental if slow ways. At the grassroots level, new ways of exchange and purchase will be created at a hyper rate.

Trendwise, CHANGE itself, is the ticket. Whatever product or service that will assist folks during this time of massive changes, is a sure winner. If you have the yen, or the need, take a look and use your genius to create these products and services.

Also, take extra care this week, and watch your step. Chaos is on the loose.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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