Monday, July 18, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #150

“This isn’t desert,” I murmur.

“Camels were around before deserts.” His tones teases while his voice strokes me. So it feels.

To get my mental bearings, and calm my desire for him, I look around. The oasis like landscape is colored by the first rays of sundown. Enchanted, I take a deep breath, and it’s as if I’m drawing it all into my being.

“Where are we?” I ask a moment later. The Face on Mars is nowhere in sight.

“This is part of my estate.” With a touch, Amen-Dhuroth moves his camel beside me. He gives me a leonine grin and I go all woozy sexy inside. “We are close to Mars’ north pole. Is it not beautiful here?”

“Beautiful,” I repeat, as I cast my gaze around. After every sweep, our eyes glimmer into each other. That’s the sensation. Glimmering.

“Let me show you,” he huskily murmurs. With that he tears his gaze from mine, and our camels begin walking along the wide trail.

I soak in the splendid and unusual foliage. The blooms are mostly large, as if they open their petals wide for the remaining sunlight.

“So many shades of white,” I say wondrously.

“Notice as the we lose the day’s brightness, the flowers glow. That way we are able to ride at night.”

“Hey.” I twist toward him, the memory surfacing. “I heard Phobos isn’t a moon, but some sort of space -- “

“Yes,” he interrupts, his tone amused yet serious. “Phobos originally brought my people to Mars.”

Astounded, I blink and try to untie my tongue. My questions are piling up. All the while my camel moves with a rocking comfortable stride.

My lion man gives me a slow devastating smile, and I adore the glints in his eyes, smiling in return. “Currently, Phobos serves as a waystation and observes incoming traffic.” He pauses. “Disguised as moon, of course.”

“Disguised,” I parrot, once my voice returns, and I my brain clicks on again. “For primitive cultures just exploring space?”

“And, for far distant enemies who constantly send probes. There is a ruthless side to many intergalactic cultures. It is not all beneficent and loving, despite the Galactic Federation.”



For the next week, and several weeks afterward, there will be an even greater rise in the demand for freedom. At this time, ‘voices in the wilderness’ will come to the fore. Those in the KNOW who have been ignored in the past, will begin to take center stage.

Because of this the media empires will be seen as the Deceivers in the future. Eventually, they will become laughingstocks to much of humanity.

At this point in history, it is crucial to get out of the major cities before Fall, or have a means of quick departure. Unless you and other good folks are able to take over the local government, those who are corrupt are likely to do the unspeakable.

There are so many evil forces at work, it will be difficult to deal with everything about to come down in many major cities. However, Divine Intervention, is more than possible, but can only occur if there are enough individuals who desire it, and call forth the Good.

As the behind-the-scenes civil war heats up, the clashes will hit the news, but be spun in a manner that conceals the truth. From this point forward, any headline news story will likely be used to gain control of the people, and keep everyone in a state of constant confusion.

The Bad Guys, THOSE who serve the dark side, are making their last moves. Think every horror and disaster movie you’ve ever seen, and the ones that are yet to be released. That is their intention for humanity.

This is happening in the face of the AWAKENING. Everyday, our world brightens with the tremendous force and speed of humanity’s rise toward our highest potential. On the horizon is a smackdown of biblical proportions. Good vs Evil.

For the following week there will be huge blowback against the evildoers who despise humanity. However, it will be difficult to see this play out because any coverage will be kept low key, and the blame shifted -- the script rewritten to suit their version of reality.

The dynamics of the coming week have not fully formed. There’s a push-pull of events, and only ‘possibilities’ in some key arenas. However, the takedown of the economy by the international bankster-gangsters will continue. While, in the background, there are folks who are creating their own viable local economies.

Currently, there are several operational new energy modalities that are only available to those in the know, and by word of mouth. Be on the look out, and take advantage if you are able. On the flip side, the hucksters are out in force. So buyer beware.

Trendwise, there will be a substantial shift in the direction of the planet, as a whole, this coming week. To know what will be your best moves, keep an eagle eye out, and look below the surface of events. That’s where you’ll find the best fishing for ideas. Also, fashion trends will take another leap toward the practical, whether urban, suburban, or rural.

Take an extra moment to hug those you love.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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