Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free ficlet: Dark Fascination


In celebration of my release today, I wrote a ficlet starring the main character, Pierre D'Argent, and Keenan von Klein from Destinies in Darkness. It offers some insight into Pierre's character, and it's only a spoiler if you haven't read the rest of the series. 

Title: Dark Fascination

Pairing: Pierre/Keenan – stories: Destinies in Darkness, Mending Shattered Souls

Timeline: prior to main arc, after the prologue in MSS

Summary: Pierre struggles with his inner demons, but he cannot defeat his dark fascination for Keenan von Klein. He doesn’t even want to.

Pierre watched with anxiousness as his brother spoke on the phone. He could sense Jean Luc’s anger and frustration, and it didn’t bode well. “What do you mean a hundred are dead?” Jean Luc asked. “Damn it!”

Few things in this world could make Jean Luc react with such vehemence. If Jean Luc’s words hadn’t warned Pierre of the seriousness of the situation, Jean Luc’s emotions did a pretty good job of emphasizing it.

Jean Luc exchanged a few more words with the person on the other side of the receiver then cursed once more. There was a slight peak of power in the room and the communication device blew up, sending bits of plastic and metal all over the place.

Pierre winced as the telephone rotary landed in front of him, mentally counting the item as the fourth telephone Jean Luc destroyed. He hoped the Sidhe engineers could come up with something more enduring than the humans could.

That aside, he was concerned about the conversation. Restlessness had increased in Parisin the past few weeks. The paranormals did their best to keep their head down, but Jean Luc tried to take precautions regardless. Apparently, it hadn’t worked out.

“How bad is it?” Pierreasked his brother.

Jean Luc sighed and rubbed his eyes. “Very bad. I knew it wouldn’t end well. War never does.” After a short pause, he continued. “There were several paranormals, both Sidhe and of other races, who ignored the warnings and went out in the streets. The hunters took advantage of their foolishness and attacked them. Michel estimates up to one hundred are dead.”

Mon Dieu,” Pierre murmured. The realization of death never sat well with him, especially when his own kind was concerned.

All of a sudden, a dark voice emerged in his mind, startling him. “So what if they are dead? They were idiots, and deserved to die.”

Pierre hastily silenced it, pushing it back in the recesses of his brain. This wasn’t the time for his little problem to manifest. He had to do his best to help his people. “What can I do?” he asked Jean Luc.

“There’s little we can do,” Jean Luc replied. “The other races are sending representatives. We’re meeting Keenan von Klein in a little over an hour.”

Pierre’s heart started beating faster at Jean Luc’s words, and this time, not because of anxiety. He’d met Keenan shortly after Jean Luc had returned from his voyage. The vampire was so handsome, elegant, well-mannered and wicked at the same time. Merely being in Keenan’s presence, no, hearing his name, made Pierre’s blood pulse.

“Remember, Pierre,” Jean Luc said, “stay out of the streets. I don’t have time to babysit.”

Pierre felt a surge of irritation at his brother’s words. It annoyed him that Jean Luc, and everyone else for that matter, considered him useless and helpless. He just knew that the voice would have emerged again if not for Keenan’s impending arrival. “I know,” he replied. “I’ll be careful.”

Keenan was the only one who didn’t compare Pierreto Jean Luc and find Pierre lacking. For that reason, Pierre would ever be grateful to the vampire.

“What about the injured?” Pierreasked. “Have they been transported to the hospital?”

Jean Luc looked at his watch. “Michel encountered some trouble in making sure the issue stays away from the eyes of the general public, but I’ll take care of it.”

Jean Luc rushed out of the room without another word. Pierre was left, as always, alone, stuck in the Sidhe compound with nothing to do.

Unwilling to drown in yet another bout of self-pity, Pierre proceeded to occupy himself by studying the reports still on his father’s desk. He found nothing of real concern there, and Pierre often did paperwork in the king’s stead. It was the only thing he seemed to be able to do.

Still, time passed him by while he went through the mind-numbing files and swept through the varied accounts of purchases or investments. Before he knew it, he heard voices in the hallway and felt the distinct presence of Keenan von Klein.

Immediately, Pierre shot to his feet, eager to greet the vampire. As he stepped out of the king’s office, he saw Jean Luc approach, with Keenan close behind him. “Greetings, Monsieur von Klein,” he said. “Welcome back, brother. How are things out there?”

“Hello, Pierre,” Keenan replied with a smile. “You look as beautiful as ever. Too bad our reunion had to be in such awful circumstances.”

“Indeed,” Jean Luc snapped irritably. “The situation is worse than originally estimated. We have to do some damage control. Pierre, have you received any news of Father?”

Pierre shook his head. King Laurent and Queen Jacquelyn had left a few months back on a second honeymoon and had yet to return. It was, in fact, at Jean Luc’s insistence, as Jean Luc feared the seriousness of the situation in Paris would escalate. Pierre was glad his parents were, at least, safe. “Last I heard they’d reached Brazil. They should be fine there.”

“We should contact them tonight,” Jean Luc mused. “Pierre, go ahead and see the doctors. They need all the help they can get.” Turning to Keenan, he said, “Come, Keenan. This way.”

Jean Luc passed Pierre, gesturing for Keenan to follow. The vampire did, but not before raking his gaze over Pierre in honest appraisal. “See you later, Pierre,” Keenan purred.

Pierre ignored his brother’s dismissal and took the invitation for what it was. So far, Keenan had manifested general interest in him, but without giving an outright offer. This time was different, though. This time, he’d get what he’d wanted for so long.

But his selfish desires would have to wait. Keenan had a job to do, and Pierre himself needed to help out at the hospital.

It took several days for the commotion to break down. Finally, between Keenan and Jean Luc, the arrangements were made and some damage control accomplished. Pierrehelped out with the injured, and this gave him renewed sense of purpose.

Five days from his arrival, Keenan announced he would be leaving the next morning. At once, Pierre knew he needed to act, lest he lose his chance.

That night, Pierre sneaked out of his room and made his way to Keenan’s. To his shock, Keenan was waiting in the hallway, arms crossed against a naked chest. He gestured Pierre in, having obviously known the Sidhe would come.

Pierre should have left. He should have clung to his dignity and retreated. He didn’t. Instead, he entered Keenan’s room, for once deciding to take what he wanted.

That night, Keenan descended upon him with the force of a hurricane. And when morning finally came, Pierre vowed to one day make Keenan his, forever.

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