Sunday, March 6, 2011

Angelic Forecast ~ #131

With a huge breath, I badly sing... Boom Shaka Laka, everybody on yer feet, da ladies in yer house feel complete, while the guys say Shaka Laka Boom Boom, come'on in everybody burn da room... boom boom Shaka Laka.

“Yes,” I hear moments later, “2012 is ramping up...Shaka Laka boom boom.”

“Boom. Boom,” I repeat. “Yes, the world... Earth, is in a state of BOOM BOOM.”

I watch Amen-Dhuroth gaze into the distance, seemingly in contemplation of my words.

The sky is an odd shade of turquoise. There is more green in the blue than on good ole Earth. Also, I notice the variation in color. The lower part of the sky appears much darker than directly above us.

“No problem breathing,” I murmur to myself.

“There are many forces,” he begins, gradually turning his face to me, “that have gathered, and are gathering. The forces you would call Good are doing everything to assist the decent people of Earth, and Gaia, or Terra, as we know her.

“I pray for it.” My heart soars a bit with hope.

“Come.” He extends a large, large hand, but one that is slender, and all too attractive.

Suddenly, my palms are sweating, a rare occurrence for me. Before I think about it, I’m wiping them on my garments. Wait... what the heck do I have on?



The following week will be *turning-point* history in the making. Top level decisions will be made that will impact every living being in this world. Be prepared. Know too, ‘lies’, and more deceptive lies, have become the stock and trade of those who stand on the world stage.

Rebellion will be the word for this week. Rebellion at every strata of society, and throughout the world, will occur. Violent and peaceful rebellion will continue to rage.

This state of conflict is partly at the instigation of THOSE who want war for their own evil ends. However, THEY, even though they don’t realize it, are no longer controlling what they believe they have been controlling. Rebellion is fast becoming a runaway train.

This week more draconian measures to keep folks under control will be introduced. However, this is a pressure cooker situation. The tighter the control becomes, the more explosive the reaction, and the rebellion. All across the globe.

This will hold true in every societal situation now. Wherever control is tightened, the reaction may be to cower, at first, and obey. However, this will soon change because the human spirit is rising up. Plus, humanity, as a group, is mad as hell.

On a personal level, this week offers many opportunities to take advantage of. One of them is a financial upgrade. Though, look for it to come in an unusual way.

Also, now is the time to begin taking serious steps to remove yourself from ‘the system’, as it is called. It is in slow-motion free fall.

For the following MONTH, many more banking institutions will ‘likely’ flounder, and tip toward ultimate failure. ATM machines ‘may not’ work as usual. Keep cash handy, and do whatever you can to *sanely* purchase what is labeled as ‘real money’.

A BIG SURPRISE is on the immediate horizon, though not necessarily this week. It is in flux. Currently, it is best not to know precisely what, and there is no way to prepare. However, there will be unusual opportunities, ones never considered before. Grab them.

On the trend scene, laughter, fun, creating good times becomes increasingly important. There are new ways opening up that are in tune with the Aquarian Age. It will be all about creating good times for yourself and those you love.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

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Where angels fear to tread, 2012 Earth ~
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