Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nano and Our Characters

So who's doing Nano this year? Are you on goal? We should be about 3/4 through and getting ready to get into the stretch to finish our 50,000 words for Nano Wrimo 2010. To get myself in gear today I thought about what my characters would have to say about it or what kind of book they'd write for the month.

Ryan Michaels would write the premier thesis on explosions - the kind the bad guys make and the kind he feels emotionally when the love of his life, Kelly, is in his sights.

Melanie Hughes would use that magic portal in her house to go back in time to finish early by writing her daily words and then going back each day to add to them.

What would your characters say or do for nano?

1 comment:

Savanna Kougar said...

Regan, that's funny, as in amusing.

I think most of my characters would kick Nano aside and choose to be with their beloved. ~lol~ just saying since I know them.