Saturday, March 13, 2010

New 5 Star Review for 'Love Lessons with the Texas Billionaire'

I just thought I'd share my news of a 5 Star review from Singletitles

Eva St John of New Dawn Magazine arrives late at a symposium and manages to embarrass herself with Jack McClaine of Mclaine Industries pulling the strings at her expense with a sexual innuendo for all to hear. Eva, not one to sit idly and take it, calls Jack out with information she received from a source. Although smoothly denying the allegation, he wants to know where the leak came from.

Intrigued by the stunning beauty who is not impressed by his wealth and status, Jack decides Eva is worth getting to know on a more intimate level. Jack makes arrangements for Eva to shadow him for a month for an in depth article on the normally private lifestyle he leads. Eva and Jack find they have more in common than the attraction they share for one another.

Love Lessons With the Texas Billionaire exudes a seductive tone throughout the story. Jack is hard to resist with his simple dialog that says so much about him and the complexities of his vulnerabilities that have him questioning when it comes to Eva. Definitely a keeper, I thoroughly enjoyed Jan Bowles’s book and plan to read more of her stories at every opportunity.

Reviewed by Emily for Singletitles. See the whole review HERE

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