Monday, March 15, 2010


"Meanwhile back in Mudflat...."

In our last visit with Tarvik and Claire, the amulet had been delivered to Sergei Brown, the 150 yr old mage of Mudflat to be stripped of its power along with the Deathwalker, currently residing in a pink plastic coffin in Sergei's basement (a fact the walls of his house were not at all happy about!) Well, the fact is that if you are 150 years and counting you tend to forget a few inportant things - like depowering something that could cause havoc. Yep. He did.

When Claire meets Nicky's newest guy she immediately is put off and feels he is more than he seems to be - or less like the rest of Nicky's "guys". Turns out she is right. When he buys a gold coin from a pawn shop and won't return it she knows something's going on and involves the whole crew plus the Decko brothers who, for once, seem to be on the right side of things.

Working her temp job at the bank, tutoring at the Center, searching for Lavon's pasta sauce ingredients (the best anywhere), trying to find the amulet, keeping the Deckos in line and Nicotania from hexing any and all with boils and hangnails, Claire tries her darndest to keep Tar out of the middle of things but, when they hear moaning from Vern Price's basement - it all goes south in a hurry.

Every year I wait to hear from our dear Dee that Phoebe has written another Mudflat book. This one is as good if not better than the last three. Dare I say I think we should contract screenplays beginning with book one: Tarbaby Trouble. This set of stories doesn't just entertain, they involve you!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen

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