Monday, February 16, 2009

Angelic Forecast ~ XXIV

Before my very eyes a pink beam shoots toward me from the sunset. Once again, perfect shades of pink grace the far horizon, as they did the day before on Valentine’s Day.
A rarity in these times, I feel a sense of pure delight and enchantment.
That is, before the rose pink beam transforms into the shape of a heart. Larger and larger, the heart grows, the pink color gradually transmuting into shining translucence. Becoming large enough to let the Heavenly One step through.
“The portal to love is open.” He waves grandly toward the heart. Fluffy pale pink clouds float inside as if it’s the sky. He smiles at me. “And the portal of heavenly love has opened to a greater degree.”
“Does that mean my romance novels will be more romantic?” I ask, knowing it’s a lesser question than I should be asking. I should be asking about the state of love in the world. Will we All be more loving and caring with each other?
“Yes.” He grins teasingly. “And no.”
“Everything will become more extreme. More romance and less romance.”
He nods, the wise sage showing inside his purply glowing eyes.
“Soft will become softer. Hard will become harder,” he says.
Inspired, I say, “But, more than ever, people will need and want love stories, won’t they?”
He nods, dramatically this time. “There will be those who will do all in their power to suppress love stories. And love. Beware.”
I nod.

This week’s forecast ~ Look for a dramatic increase in how love plays out in your life. Also, keep looking for those not-so-noticeable opportunities to give and receive more love.
Plus, this week provides the ideal opportunity to take stock of yourself in new ways. You will more easily see those aspects of yourself which are outdated, or need healing. Simply notice, then move forward. The way will appear. And the best manner of healing will stand before you, waiting with open arms...take advantage.

Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona


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