Sunday, February 8, 2009

4.5 Stars for Zara's Bois and New Interview!

“In Zara’s Bois, Gracie C. McKeever undauntedly tackles the issue of closeted homosexuality, compelling the reader in vicarious fashion to experience the ultimate freedom and liberation embraced by her eclectic assortment of characters. With Zara serving as a not-so-innocent bystander, each of the men are brought face-to-face with their deepest fears, as well as the enduring pain that keeps them shut off to the world at large. Parallel to her own stint in spiritual limbo, the depths of their emotional limbo are finally exposed, and they are presented with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to break the chains of their literal and figurative oppression once and for all.

As has become her trademark standard, McKeever presents each character in holistic, three-dimensional fashion – not as stereotypical caricatures – allowing the reader to confront his or her own personal prejudices regarding the often miscast world of homosexuality. By presenting the men in the universal light of humanity, McKeever does ultimate justice to them and their ongoing struggles, which are no different than anyone else’s – regardless of sexual orientation. Furthermore, her emphasis on the redeeming power of love is a reassuring, comforting theme sure to touch the hearts of readers from every ethnicity, nationality, and background imaginable.

Kudos to McKeever for taking a strong stand and delivering a powerful, much needed message on the healing power of redemption.” 4.5 Stars, Josee for Apex Reviews

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