Sunday, October 5, 2008

Wow, nice reviews still coming in for Tarbaby!

Tarbaby Trouble by Phoebe Matthews is a very interesting alternative reality story. In Claire’s home world she is just scraping by, living a peaceful life, telling fortunes, and working in a bank until evil comes looking for her. In the different dimension the people live under a feudal system that is barbaric and harsh. It is like being thrust back into the Middle Ages but this realm isn’t the past. Claire, or Stargazer, as she is called in the other realm, must be smart, quick, and determined to save her skin. Tarvik is fascinated by Stargazer from the moment he meets her. He has never met a woman like her but his father is a brutal dictator and even Tarvik may not be able to keep his father from killing her. But there is a lot more going on than Stargazer and Tarvik know. There is someone even more evil plotting to kill Tarvik’s father and take over his lands. The plot is insidious and ingenious but can Stargazer stop it or has she just fled one dimension to die in another? All the way through the story Claire/Stargazer is constantly struggling to adapt quickly and stay alive. The action never really lets you slow down and rest. I found the story very entertaining and Ms. Matthews has a very creative imagination. The tale ends with a lead into the sequel and I am looking forward to reading what happens next.
Reviewed by: Stephanie B., FallenAngels

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