Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Review - For One Night Only

Dr. Bethany Shaw has been called in to check out rock star Ruben Navarro who has been feeling ill while performing in Las Vegas. And check out the rock star she does. The chemistry is instant and Ruben is fascinated with Bethany. He can’t get enough of her and invites her to fly with him on his personal jet to his next show in LA.

Their lives are so different, Bethany, owns her own medical practice and is always in charge; while Ruben lives the pampered life of a rock star and has a constant schedule created for him, not by him. Yet, Dr. Shaw who is still hurt from a past relationship and trusts no one decides she can handle one night with Ruben. Ruben bored of all the readily available women and his crazy lifestyle has focused all his attention on his charity until he meets the sexy Dr. Shaw. The attraction is so strong that one night is not enough. Ruben wants more. As they try to form a relationship and work out all the logistics, Ruben is stalked by a crazy fan that watches their every move. The Fan, a young woman who wants to be with Ruben again at all costs won’t let anyone get in her way.

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY is a refreshing unique contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. I was riveted by the characters and read the entire story in one sitting. From the very beginning of the story where Bethany goes to medically check out Ruben, the chemistry and sexual heat is there between them, and sparks fly. Yet you can feel the characters struggles with leaving it as one night only or trying to build a relationship. How does a strong, independent doctor with her own career like Bethany Shaw emotionally build and maintain a relationship with a rock star, a person who is bigger than life, but is just an incredibly sexy man when it is just the two of them. Ruben’s life is open to the public and his every move is scrutinized and stalked, could Bethany handle his lifestyle and constant travel, would she want to, and what does she have to give up to be with him. The two travel to Miami and across the world to Paris together to see if there newfound love can work, while at the same time they are stalked by a crazed fan. As Ruben’s past transgressions in life catch up with him the story unfolds at an emotional heart stopping pace. I highly recommend this hot steamy love story and I look forward to reading many more stories written by Ms Ryder.

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