Monday, October 6, 2008

Book of the Week - Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn

Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn was reviewed by Long and Short Reviews' erotic side, Whipped Cream. The review for Last Glass of Wine was posted September 30 and to add to an authors experience, all of the reviews done for the week are entered into a poll the weekend following. The winner of this poll is featured on the review page the following week. Isn't that cool?

Thanks to all the readers, my family and friends, and my co-authors who voted for Last Glass of Wine.

The Review: Lana Moore, a server at Rogan's Steakhouse and approaching thirty, finds her obsession with her boss a distraction and senses he wants her to quit. But then, he loses control and she's left confused, needy. It increased the fire, so when she learns he's no longer her boss, she demands he finishes what he started. Until she learns the truth.

Cole, Rogan's young assistant manager, wants Lana. But when he loses control and nearly takes her right there in the restaurant, he knew he risked both of their jobs. Before things can be righted, he receives bad news from home. He has to leave Lana before anything happens between them. Then things balloon between them and he can't keep his hands off, nor can she until she learns only part of the truth of his leaving.

♥ ♥ ♥

What an amazing story. I felt like I was on a roller coaster with my emotions. First I hated Cole, then I loved Cole, then I could feel the steam coming off Cole. This is a story that takes you to the highs and some very low points. I had tears in my eyes during some scenes in this story.

It takes place in a restaurant that has a no fraternization rule. Cole knows this and tries hard to follow it. Lana knows this and thinks she is too old for Cole. I laughed when she said she fell in love with him when he sang “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. I could picture Cole sliding in to the restaurant and singing. The back and forth dialog and unspoken body language between them kept me on edge through the story.

The descriptions that Ms. Lynn provides makes me feel as if I am experiencing the episodes. When Cole drinks from the same spot on the glass that Lana did and than licks the rim, I could feel it on my lips. When we get into the scene in the bar after hours, Oh My. Ms Lynn knows not only restaurants, as proven by her slang, descriptions of openings and closings, and serving but I really enjoyed how she threw in the Chicago Cubs. Being from the Windy City, I loved how she referred to the team and the players.

Last Glass Of Wine is a rich story, full of robust scenes and good to the last glass.


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