Friday, July 18, 2008


The fortuneteller in Mudflat does a lot of her work on the run and in odd places, and may have to base it on scant bits of information. Sometimes all she knows about a client is the hour of birth. Stir in a bit of inherited magic, and this gives her a clue. Check Claire’s guess about the kind of guy you are attracted to, whether he’s good for you or otherwise.

If you’ve read TARBABY TROUBLE, you know Claire. Here are her predictions based on the hour of your birth:

Midnight to 2 AM: Smart, you really like smart. You’re attracted to intellectual men as long as they know when to stop talking. Because a man who listens carefully to what you say is incredibly sexy.

2 to 4 AM: Handsome is fun for a flirtation, but money lasts. Sure, personality and character are what count most, but what’s wrong with diamonds? Find the right guy and you could be his best friend forever.

4 to 6 AM: You go crazy for handsome, love model-perfect features, and your friends know that you’re attracted to your own physical type. Ever had anyone ask, “That man you’re with, is he your brother?”

6 to 8 AM: Mystery men win your attention, sometimes against your better judgment. What is it about the unknown? You like danger, take chances, and that’s good to know about yourself. Be careful.

8 to 10 AM: It’s the big grin, the warm hug, and the guy who calls when he says he will. You’re not attracted by moody. Or by slackers. You like a guy who knows how to work hard and then go party.

10 to Noon: How to marry a self-made millionaire is the question. It isn’t the money that attracts you, it’s the ambition. You admire a man who pursues success, wouldn’t mind working along side of him.

Noon to 2 PM: The good looks might attract you to a first date, but it’s the inner man you adore. How hot is a guy who lives his beliefs? If he strives for fidelity, loyalty and spirituality, he’s on your wavelength.

2 to 4 PM: He’s gotta be hot! Sexy! Brave! Protective! Attitude is everything, and he can come on too strong to the wrong woman. He’s pretty much a love-at-first sight guy looking for his match.

4 to 6 PM: Laid back, easy going, happy to hang out anywhere, you’re attracted to that style. You like a guy who accepts you, has the don’t-change-a-hair-for-me attitude. Toss in a great speaking voice and he’s gotcha!

6 to 8 PM: A couch potato, no matter how handsome, won’t do for you. You love a guy who loves to hang out at a health club and keep in shape. Add a great tan to his great abs, and you’re smitten.

8 to 10 PM: A true romantic catches your attention every time. You love a guy who loves to say he loves you. If he’s the flowers-and-chocolates type, always kind and thoughtful, you’ll overlook most faults.

10 to Midnight: What could be sexier than a stay-at-home, play-at-home guy? If he likes to cook, garden, and fluff your pillows, plus he can’t wait to introduce you to his family, he’s hard for you to resist.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Great predictions! I was born at 3.15pm so I like hot and sexy - which I do! How about you, Phoebe? What are Claire's predicitions for you?
Best wishes,