Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lady Knight Has A Release Date

Yesterday I finished going through my final read through of my historical called Lady Knight. Now that all the edits are complete, I now have a set release date. Lady Knight will be released at Siren on August 7th. I can't wait for it to be released. Lady Knight is the very first book I ever wrote, so it means a lot to me to see it published. I also find it fitting that my first book will be my first release at Siren as well :). I'll post a short blurb for Lady Knight below. I also have an excerpt posted on my website on my Excerpts page.


Disguised as a boy, Ariel of Elmstead leads her father's men to fight the Norman invaders. She is taken hostage by Broc St. Ceneri, who she gives her innocence in a moment of weakness. Ariel must decide to continue with her disguise as a Saxon boy or reveal her true identity to the Norman knight who has her heart.

Marisa Chenery

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