Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Release: Tempting Their Racy Shrink

Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to announce the release of TEMPTING THEIR RACY SHRINK - Racy Nights 3. This series is erotic MFM menage, contemporary BDSM romance with an HEA in every book for our heroine and her two sexy heroes.

You can read more about the Racy Nights series on my WEBSITE, but for now, here is a brief overview:

Welcome to Racy Indiana, population 10,467 (give or take a few) and founded in 1898. Located in northwest Indiana, a branch of the Iroquois River runs through the town, and miles of wind turbines dot the landscape. On Riverfront Drive you’ll find the Racy Animal Clinic, owned and operated by sexy vet Dustin Alexander, and where Annalise Kerr brings in her cat Shadow for a checkup. While backing out of the parking space after Dustin asks her out, she nearly collides with the unmarked police cruiser driven by Detective Chad Bristol.

If you walk along Riverfront toward downtown Racy, you’ll come to Market Street, the heart of Racy’s historic district. The buildings here are all original, and the business owners have lovingly maintained them. Most businesses in Racy have been passed down through the generations, but some have new owners.

For instance, Luke’s Bar is on this street. Gorgeous Luke Rodriguez owns it, and he spends most of his time there, until he meets Alexa Monahan, that is. Alexa moved to Racy from Manhattan, where she worked in a sex shop with Racy native Kari Tye.

Kari has been gone for fifteen years, but now she’s back. She and Alexa have just opened Tye Me Up, Racy’s first and only sex shop, out on Lawnview Drive. But unbeknownst to them, the secrets they left behind in The Big Apple have followed them to Racy.

Don’t worry. Noah Wells, a research and development specialist at Notus Power, the company that owns and operates the wind turbines just outside of Racy, will help keep Kari safe. And what he can’t accomplish, sexy Adison Kincaid, head of security at Notus, certainly can. As for Alexa, she not only has Luke looking after her, but also heroic Chase Taylor, the Racy Building Commissioner. He’s the reason Kari and Alexa were able to open their shop in the once-beautiful century home that had been scheduled for demolition. Now restored to its former majesty, the upstairs of the house is living quarters for Kari and Alexa, and the shop is on the main floor.

Around the corner from Market Street is Main Street, where you’ll find the courthouse and City Hall. J Lo lookalike Marisol Santiago is a court reporter who gets more than she bargained for when she becomes accidentally involved again with old boyfriend Rafe Rodriguez, and Ellis McCree, the city building inspector, at the same time. Rafe is Luke’s older brother, and Ellis is cousin to Maddox McCree, who owns and operates the local BDSM club out of his mansion on Birch Lane.

Maddox’s mysterious and slightly shady past is the subject of much speculation among Racy’s residents, but when psychologist Julie Carruthers attends a surprise birthday party for Alexa at Maddox’s club, she chips a hole in the armor surrounding Maddox.

Things really get interesting inside City Hall. Mayor Bernie Crumb is as crooked as they come, but he keeps getting re-elected every four years. He publicly condemns Maddox’s club and the BDSM community in Racy every chance he gets, but people like Councilman Zach Kincaid and IT department head Gina Santori keep him on his toes. Zach and Gina also work hard to keep their relationship a secret inside the hallowed halls of City Hall.

The Racy police station has its share of heartthrob heroes as well. In addition to Detective Sean Brennan who shares Dom duty to Julie with Maddox McCree, Sergeant Harrison Kelly is hot and heavy with Gina, alongside Zach. If you circle around Main Street over to Ash Lane and head for the river, you’ll eventually wind up back on Riverfront, where The Fit Bod, Racy’s gym, stands in stark contrast to the quaint old buildings in and around that area. It’s a bold, modern design that hunky Evan Rydell designed and co-owns with Thayer Denning. Evan and Thayer don’t mind sharing sub Cherilyn Barker, who works as an Administrative Assistant in City Hall.

And Olivia Kelly, Harrison’s sister and Cherilyn’s friend, has plenty to do outside her work at City Hall as an Administrative Assistant once she meets Racy Fire Chief Cameron Sinclair and Racy Fire Inspector Storm Jamison. Talk about things heating up!

So come on in and take a stroll through Racy with its spunky heroines and drop-dead gorgeous heroes. This is small town America, and Racy residents gossip as much as anyone, but when the crap hits the fan, they’re there for each other. From ex-Doms and serial killers, to ex-wives and AWOL soldiers, and all the way to tornadoes and arsonists, Racy has its share of trouble, but our heroes are on hand to make sure no harm comes to their heroines.

**Here is the blurb for TEMPTING THEIR RACY SHRINK**

Psychologist Julie Carruthers has had secret fantasies of being spanked for most of her adult life, and they’ve starred Dom Maddox McCree and Detective Sean Brennan. When she becomes involved with both of them, they help her explore her fantasies, and unleash the passionate woman hiding behind her straitlaced image.

Maddox McCree has spent years building up a reputation in Racy, but it’s all a sham. He’s lonely, and he uses his private dungeon as an excuse to hide from his past. Can Julie help him overcome the hurt and betrayal he can’t let go of?

Detective Sean Brennan gave his heart away once and it almost cost him his life. But he can’t resist Julie for long, and willingly shares her with Maddox rather than lose her. When his past catches up with him, he might lose Julie forever to a dangerous enemy out for revenge.


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