Monday, April 8, 2013

Mickie Sherwood's Men and the Hair of the Women They Love

It's a hair thang!

Men in a moment of weakness.

Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker
Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker (MF)

The self-confident action she took by throwing the covers back as he rooted in the doorway engrossed him. Mike eased out, but not before his eyes zoomed to the soft-looking long pajama outfit she wore. Her sleepy-eyed, mussed-hair vision cinched his heart. Combine that picture with the complementary color of the sleep set next to her silky skin, and fascination gripped him.


Sam’s yell snapped Mike out of his love-starved stupor. “Coming, bud.” He closed her bedroom door, sealing her in, plus his reawakened desires. “Meet us across the highway, Veronica.”



BayouBabe99er (MF)

Drake gulped, sputtering water in his attempt to yell. “I’m sorry!” He hung on to the life preserver for dear life. He saw his chance as the boat slowed. Long pulls had him within grasping distance of the ladder, and he hauled his tired body onboard. All he could do was lie facedown in a puddle of his own making. Smooth—brown—shapely—legs came into his line of sight when he dared to look up. He allowed himself the luxury of scanning her anatomy at his leisure from the top of her short, curled, cayenne-pepper hair down to her snow-white deck shoes.

His eyes retraced their trek to land on hers.

“Are you finished?”

Her candid way of putting him in his place affected him. Yet, it was the dazzle in her sparkling brown eyes that captivated him. He knew better than to respond, for his sarcastic wit was well known in his circle. Instead, he devoted all of his energies to getting off the deck. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Tell me. What's your man's weakness?

Mickie Sherwood

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