Thursday, November 1, 2012

EXCLUSIVE New excerpt from Paris Bites

The calender is ticking down and I am more excited with every hour that passes.

With my new book Paris Bites book release being less than a week away I wanted to share an exclusive excerpt with you. This is not available on the Siren website and meant for my readers to enjoy. I wanted to do something nice for you because you've been so kind and loving to me. Thank you so much for all your support and love. I can't tell you how much it means to me. :)

Samantha stole his wallet and in return he stole her heart.


“Please come inside and look around.” The docent waved the tourists inside, and they followed his command meekly forward, touching the iron torture devices littering the stone room, gathering together in a densely packed group. Shoulder to shoulder they huddled together. It reminded Sam too much of the way sheep would group together for protection from a wolf.
Only this seemed more dangerous.
In reality, numbers didn’t provide safety.
There was no way she was going into the secret chambers. It was too cramped. There was no way out. No escape in sight besides this one door. Sam backed up, toward the direction she came. She backed straight up into a man’s chest. Powerful arms locked around her body to steady her.
A man’s deep voice rocked her with a stern whisper in her ears, interrupting her panicked thoughts of escape. “You are trying to get yourself killed tonight, aren’t you?”
Killed? What is he talking about?
Sam turned around in the stranger’s arms to find disapproving black eyes stare back at her. Sam melted. The memory of him was nothing like being in front of the real deal. Overwhelming, powerful need hit her like a brick wall. A coil of pressure dropped from her stomach to her womb and all she could think of was how much she wanted to run away and hide at that moment. Her knees buckled under his intense gaze, but his arms steadied her.
It is him! Why does it have to be him?
The same man whose wallet she had pinched on the street earlier tonight. The woman wasn’t with him now, but how the hell did he manage to find her? Her pulse quickened in fear. She was nowhere near where she found him earlier, and unless he had been following her the entire time, he couldn’t have known where she was going.
Yet, this was no coincidence.
His iron grip latched onto her arm, forcing her into the chamber with the others. In a hushed tone, he whispered near her ear, “You don’t even know what kind of trouble you found tonight. If I wasn’t here you would be dead.”
As they passed by the docent, her captor said, “This one is mine, Domitrius.”
The guide just growled in response, keeping his eyes on the group of tourists in the room.
The door closed behind the small group, and the people gathered together nervously. As if numbers helped their safety. Sam and her captor were the exceptions. He kept her close to him and in view of the others but wasn’t allowing her any chance of escape. He prevented her from leaving his side with his strong hands locking her in place. She was too scared to run, and even if he did let her go, she probably was not strong enough to move the solid stone door.
Fear tainted her blood, and she could hear her heart hammering in her ears.
Domitrius seemed to take pleasure in the group’s discomfiture. “The Vampire DeMontmartre was not happy with bathing in the blood for very long. He wanted more, and the effects of the blood baths were short lived. It was said that he eventually made a deal with the devil. That pact he sealed made it so that he could live forever, so long as he drank the blood of the innocents.”
Silence echoed and the patrons guessed what he insinuated.
“Vampire…” One man hissed out as if the word itself were evil.

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Thank you so much for reading everyone and I hope you all have a fabulous day.

Missy Lyons

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