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A Passion for Tasty Things

IR/AA Sensual Mainstream Romances by Mickie Sherwood 

Like so many of you, I have a ravenous passion for tasty things. Two of my novels fall into that category. BayouBabe99er has a 5 stars B&N reader rating. Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker is a #1 Bookstrand Mainstream Romance Bestseller. How tasty is that?

You can get a taste of my sweet, spicy relationship-based romances right here at Bookstrand. Choose your cup of tea - mainstream interracial or African-American romance. Why not choose both?

I have another taste to share with you. Sharlene, my heroine in BayouBabe99er, had a meal that sent her senses reeling back to her days growing up on the bayou. I wrote about that meal on my blog, including the recipe and how-to pictures.


Here's a snippet taken from BayouBabe99er.



BayouBabe99er Sample

Her eyes focused on something far away as she fought to extinguish the fire of loneliness. The aroma drifting in the air drew her into the present. Clyde handled two platters along with the same number of cold strawberry drinks. She couldn’t resist snatching a golden french fry just as the plates landed under their noses.

“Here ya go. Bon appétit.”

Uncle Moot waited until Clyde disappeared into the back then leaned down for a whiff. The all clear was simply the way he manhandled his po’boy.

The first bite of the catfish and potato salad sandwich threw Sharlene back to those glorious days as a kid growing up in the bayou. Flavors blended to caress her tongue. She chewed slowly to savor each mouthful while eagerly anticipating the next. One look across the table certified she wasn’t the only one enjoying the meal.

A swig of red soda set the whole thing off.

“Not bad as I remember,” Uncle Moot said, gulping down his last bite. “The fish was flaky, tho’ I tasted a lil’ oil.”

               She was practically finished, and all she tasted was goodness.


Sounds yummy, doesn't it? Go see what goes into creating such a delicious meal. I can't wait to read your answers to my questions.



Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - AA - Sensual - Mature Heroine - Cowboy Trucker - July 4th

A #1 Bookstrand Mainstream Romance

A rash decision puts Veronica Torres in the path of cowboy trucker Mike Masterson's barreling fiery-red 18-wheeler. Is he just another speed bump in her congested life? Or—are their hearts destined to collide on the highway of love? Read the entire first chapter.

Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker (MF)

BayouBabe99er - IR - Sensual - Cougar-Cub - Secretive Blogger - Gulf Oil Spill

5 Stars B&N Reader Rating

Laid-off. Gulf oil spill. An attraction to the oil company's liaison, Drake Cormier, someone barely older than her daughters. Sharlene wonders what else can go wrong.  Read the entire first chapter.

BayouBabe99er (MF)


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