Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mickie Sherwood's Louisiana Ladies on Parade - AA & IR Sensual Romances

Variety is the spice of life.




Meet Louisiana Ladies unafraid of loving outside-of-the-box! They are smart, sassy, spunky and on the other side of thirty!
And—L-O-V-E doesn't disappear at forty. It flourishes!
Blaze the trails with Veronica and Mike.
Cruise the bayous with Sharlene and Drake.
Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker - AA/Sensual - #2 Bookstrand Mainstream Bestseller and a #1 Daily Bestseller
Released September 12, 2012
Cutie and the Cowboy Trucker (MF) 
Word count: 51,182
Heat: Sensual
Price: $3.50
Widow Veronica Torres needs something desperately—invisibility. A rash decision puts her on the road and right into the path of trucker Mike Masterson. Will he be just another speed bump in her life? Or will Mike's compassionate ways make all of Veronica's troubles disappear?
BayouBabe99er - IR/Sensual - Cougar-Cub - Released April 24, 2012
BayouBabe99er (MF)
Word count: 25,980
Heat: Sensual
Price: $2.99
How many things can go wrong at one time?
That question plagues feisty divorcée Sharlene Mouton. A lost job. An oil spill ecological disaster threatening her rural Louisiana community. What else can happen? How about repeated run-ins with suave Drake Cormier, the oil company’s liaison officer, and someone barely older than her daughters.



Mickie Sherwood

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