Friday, September 21, 2012

Entice Me is #9 on the Siren Bookstrand's best seller list. Find out why...


He could still feel the tingle of her lips on his. The remnants of her dinner on her tongue mixed with the honeyed taste that her kiss provided was like the sweetest form of agony. He wanted to keep kissing her forever, knowing full well that a second longer and she would have had quite the surprise poking at her stomach.

She may have allowed him to kiss her twice, but there was no telling how she would react if he surprised her with a hard-on for their first date. In fact he was fairly certain there was a good chance that would buy him a one way ticket to Good-byeville.
A few minutes later they pulled into the lot of the ice cream shop. Being the gentleman that he was and trying to impress the shit out of her, he walked around to the other side and opened her door for her just like he had at the restaurant.
Once inside, they both looked over all the flavors and concoctions they could put together and fill into a cone. He decided on a double scoop of Rocky Road while she had opted for a single scoop vanilla. It was a simple, yet delicious cone, and it reminded him of her. She didn’t need any fancy frills to be sexy and alluring, it was just a part of who she was. He knew she didn’t know it yet, but soon she would. He would show her just how bewitching she truly was.
Minutes later they were walking down a quiet street en route to a small park just a few dozen yards from where he’d parked. He watched her intently as she licked at her cone. It was obvious she had no clue what she was doing to him. As she talked casually and walked beside him, she smiled and seemed at complete ease.
It made him glad she was so comfortable, but a part of him felt a little jealous. He was barely holding onto his sanity. With every swipe of her tongue it made it that much harder to rein in his lust. He had been semihard all night long. Only boring statistics and trivia that he kept playing in his mind prevented him from sporting a full hard-on.
They reached the park and sat on a bench which was adjacent to a small pond. There was a single duck wading around and coasting along the water. The night was quiet. Only the sound of crickets chirped in the backdrop while a light wind rustled the leaves in the surrounding trees. The temperature annoyed him with its perfect sixty-five degrees. He wished it was a little cooler so she would shiver and he could offer his arm or perhaps an embrace to warm her.
So many thoughts filled his mind of heating her up that he wanted to drop his cone and make his dreams a reality. He fought the animalistic urges, knowing pushing her wouldn’t be his best game plan. His patience was going to be tested, but she was worth it. Alexis Foster was an angel, and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

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