Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday's Words for August 1, 2012

The writer’s lot is an interesting one, and nothing could make me happier. It’s not interesting all the time, of course. As with any other job, there is a modicum of tedium involved, and that’s really okay. But for the most part I find this life I now lead—this career—fascinating.

I’m constantly surprised by the blend of writing, editing, and promotion that’s required in order to be a professional writer today. Sometimes promotion is something as simple as posting a few excerpts on a Yahoo! Groups list. And sometimes it involves travel.

You think I’m going to talk about that conference I was at last week, don’t you? The one that was just three short blocks away from Disneyland.

Well, I’m not.

Instead I’m going to tell you about a brand new conference, one being held by my wonderful publisher, Siren-Bookstrand. TRC – The Romance Convention—will have its inaugural session the week after next, August 17th and 18th, in Dallas, Texas.

The first day will be devoted to the authors who have their books published with Siren-Bookstrand. There will be panels and workshops all geared to the author, to provide the extra tools, and resources and inspiration we need as we craft our stories to give our readers the best in romance fiction.

There is nothing more refreshing for me, as a writer, than to spend time with other writers. There is a chemistry that happens when we gather together that you don’t find anyplace else.

You see, basically, all writers are solitary creatures, working in their individual caves, with just the characters in their heads for company.

I had to grin last week as I was privileged to sit in on a session at the RWA conference with a very famous romance author. One thing she said that particularly resonated with me: “writing doesn’t make you neurotic; you’re neurotic to begin with.”

Because that is so, no one understands an author quite as well as another author.

The second day of this conference, being held at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel on North Olive Street, features a book fair that is open, free of charge, to the public. If you’re in the area, come by and say hello to us. There will be prizes and freebies, and a chance to meet some of your favorite authors. You see, as well as spending time with fellow authors, we writers love to meet our readers.

After all, we write our novels so that someone—you—will read them.

This has been a year of increased travel for my husband and me, especially after last year when we didn’t attend a single conference. But we’re both able to travel now, and so we’re making the most of it.

I’m excited to be going back to Texas. Any chance I get to spend time with my phenomenal publisher, I consider to be a golden opportunity. As well, I’ll be meeting some of my fellow Siren-Bookstrand authors for the first time, authors whose work I’ve read and enjoyed.

I’m also looking forward to spending time with my colleagues Sophie Oak, Kris Cook, and Heather Rainier, all of whom I met for the first time t his past spring, in Chicago. These three very successful writers, Texans all, will be acting as hosts to the rest of us during this convention.

Heather Rainier and I have been collaborating on a fun project. We’re “crossing” our series. She’s the author of the very popular “Divine Creek Ranch” books, and I of course, under my other pen name, ‘Cara Covington’, am the author of the “Lusty, Texas” series—book 9 of which comes out on the 13th of August.

Heather and I are having a blast working together, and I can say without exaggeration, that our readers are excited about our upcoming novels—and so are we!

Honestly, I have the best job in the world!


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